Brower TCi- Smart Start

Brower TCi- Smart Start


Replacement Brower TCi Smart Start for Brower TCi Systems.

£358.80 Ex VAT £299.00

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Brower TCi- Smart Start

Motion Start with keypad for entering athlete number. Automatically starts new time from the Smart Start. False starts are ignored. 5 Modes for starting and compatible with Microphone or mechanical switches.

The TCi-Smart Start, placed by the athlete’s hand or foot, triggers the TCi-Timer once when the “Go” beep is heard and again when the athlete starts. The second signal captures the athletes reaction time and will show as a split time on the TCi-Timer. If the athlete false starts the unit will beep rapidly and no signal is sent.

The black window should be facing the athletes hand or foot. Enter an athlete number (0-999) and press ENTER. The TCi-Smart Start will beep twice when it detects that a hand or foot is on the starting line; this means the unit is armed. When the hand or foot lifts the unit will beep once and trigger the TCi-Timer.

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