Brower TCi Hands Free Display

Brower TCi Hands Free Display


The Brower TCi Hands-Free Display has been designed for use with the Brower TCi Timing System; state of the art training and timing equipment, ideal for use by athletes and sports coaches.

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Brower TCi Hands Free Display

Introducing the Brower TCi Hands-Free Display, a pivotal accessory to the renowned Brower TCi Timing System. Crafted with precision for athletes and coaches who value instantaneous feedback and simplicity in their training tools. This display has been engineered to provide a hassle-free setup experience, allowing users to swiftly begin their training or competition assessments without delay.

One of the standout features of the Brower TCi Hands-Free Display is its wireless functionality, which ensures a neat and unobstructed training environment. This feature is a testament to the commitment to convenience and efficiency, enabling athletes and coaches to focus solely on performance enhancement without the hindrance of unnecessary equipment.

The user-friendly nature of the display is further emphasised by its design, which allows results to be visible from a distance of up to 30 metres. This is made possible by the display’s large digits, measuring 10 cm in height, ensuring that feedback is easily accessible at a glance, even during the most intense training sessions. This immediate visibility is crucial for maintaining the flow of training and for making instantaneous adjustments.

Additionally, the Hands-Free Display is uniquely capable of assessing multiple lanes simultaneously, thanks to its ability to operate on different frequencies. This feature is particularly beneficial in competitive settings or when conducting parallel training sessions, as it allows for the seamless evaluation of several athletes at once, fostering a competitive yet efficient training environment.

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Weight 4 kg



  • Easy to set up and use – provides feedback for athletes immediately/at the end of a course.
  • Wireless
  • User-friendly display – the results can be seen from 30 metres away since the digits are 10cm in height
  • Different frequencies – allows assessment of more than one lane


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