Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing Treadmill For Newcastle University

h/p/cosmos Pulsar 3P cardiopulmonary exercise testing treadmill.

Teaching of Newcastle University’s Sport and Exercise Science degree takes place in the Faculty of Medical Sciences. These new facilities for research and teaching feature a biomechanics laboratory, physiology laboratory and high-performance suite. HaB Direct is proud to provide new equipment for these facilities, including the recent h/p/cosmos Pulsar 3P cardiopulmonary exercise testing treadmill.

photo of pulsar 3p treadmill
Pete finishing installation

“We have always valued the service provided by HaB when acquiring such high performance lab equipment. This particular purchase and installation was arranged at fairly short notice, however we were pleased that HaB were able to fulfil our requests, and are delighted with the new addition to our Physiology Lab.” Dr Allerton, Technical Team Leader

Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing Treadmill

Sport and Exercise Science students at Newcastle University are already familiar with treadmill solutions by h/p/cosmos. They are currently using their existing h/p/cosmos Venus and Quasar treadmills from HaB Direct. In fact, students on this course use other bestselling equipment from world-leading brands at HaB Direct, including Monark ergometers and central lab and life sciences diagnostic devices by EKF Diagnostics.

The h/p/cosmos Pulsar 3P is the best solution that meets the University’s criteria and is the highest specification available for a running treadmill. And importantly, this new treadmill will now help to support teaching and research for their growing number of students.

“It has been great to watch the significant growth of the Sports Science degree programme at Newcastle University. Also, we are very proud to be a key supplier of their lab equipment. This is h/p/cosmos treadmill number 3 – and it certainly looks the part!” HaB Direct Installation Team

High-Performance Treadmill

In addition to cardiopulmonary exercise testing, the Pulsar 3-phased powered treadmill is also perfect for high speed running due to its high performance. It has unrivalled performance and a superior build quality, making it suitable for heavy subjects all at higher speeds.

Their h/p/cosmos pulsar 3p with safety arch, downhill option and a top speed of 40 km/h as standard is the ideal solution for athletic training and physiological sport training, speed training, performance diagnostics tests and functional training.

HaB Direct is the sole distributor (UK & Ireland) for h/p/cosmos. Installation, instruction and maintenance is only available from HaB Direct. Our team are all highly skilled and receive training directly from h/p/cosmos. Find out more here.

It is possible to expand cardiopulmonary exercise testing further by linking the h/p/cosmos pulsar 3p with the Schiller CARDIOVIT CS-200 Office ErgoSpiro. This enables testing to be synchronised between the treadmill and the CPET analyser. Basically, it allows you to control the treadmill using CPET software and centralise all of that important data.

Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing

CPET is an important tool for evaluating exercise capacity. This is because it assesses the cardiopulmonary system, both at rest and during exercise. Testing physiological responses to exercise help to identify limitations in cardiac and respiratory capacity. In fact, cardiopulmonary exercise testing provides precise determination of exercise capacity. This is hugely beneficial in both medical and sports settings.

Furthermore, when utilised in sports performance, CPET provides details and parameters for an athlete to improve training and human performance. And, in medical settings, CPET helps to evaluate unexplained dyspnea (difficult or laboured breathing) with exertion. Finally, it also helps in the prognosis of patients with heart or lung disease.

If you would like assistance with selecting h/p/cosmos solutions for your School of Sport and Exercise Science, or for a medical setting, please Contact Us.

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