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Elevate is an annual physical activity trade show. It is considered to be the largest in the UK. It attracts leaders and decision makers in all physical activity sectors. Elevate is the event to visit for sourcing all the latest equipment for physical therapy and human performance. In fact, it’s the only event that provides innovation awards for outstanding products and solutions. The Elevate Innovation Awards are a series of prizes that recognise the best products and services in defined categories.

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Elevate Innovation Awards 2019

Sponsorship for this year’s Elevate Innovation Awards is from ‘Fitness Compared’, while experts at Elevate, COPA and Elite Sports Expo visit the stands to judge the entries. For 2019, Elevate introduce two new categories, making seven Elevate Awards in total:

  1. Best Rehabilitation and Recovery Innovation
  2. Best Participation Innovation
  3. Best Health and Wellness Innovation
  4. Best Innovation for Human Performance
  5. Best Workout Innovation
  6. Best Facility Innovation
  7. Best Start-Up

Best Innovation for Human Performance 2019

Elevate Innovation Awards Winner - Desmotec on the HaB Direct stand at Elevate 2019.
Photo courtesy of HaB Direct at Elevate 2019

With over 60 entrants for the Elevate Innovation Awards, each of the above seven winners is awarded the Gold standard.

Desmotec-Pininfarina Isoinertial Training System from HaB International is one of the seven outstanding products and solutions to receive industry recognition at Elevate in the Innovation Awards. Specifically, Desmotec is winner of the Best Innovation for Human Performance. To win this award, the Desmotec-Pininfarina Isoinertial Training System receives a score against a set criteria and is assessed by the Elevate expert panel, with the judges saying:

This product has great potential and will make a difference.

Elevate 2019 Judging Panel

Desmotec-Pininfarina Isoinertial Training System

Desmotec-Pininfarina Isoinertial Training System is beneficial for elite performance training, recreational sport activities and endurance athletes, providing:

  • The ability to generate greater forces, compared to traditional training methods (up to 40%-50% increase)
  • Extensor muscle chain performance enhancements
  • Lower cardiopulmonary efforts
  • A unique neuromuscular activation requiring lower CNS fatigue
  • Stimulation of specific micro adaptations capable of rebuilding damaged muscle tissue

The Desmotec V.line (vertical machine) at HaB Direct works the upper body for muscular development, injury prevention, as well as rehabilitation.

Our knowledgeable sales team are happy to discuss the Desmotec V.Line with you to assess which model best suits your needs. Please contact us to arrange a call.

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