Enhancing Research with h/p/cosmos treadmill at Northumbria University

In a notable collaboration between HaB and Northumbria University, an ambitious project to install a state-of-the-art oversized h/p/cosmos treadmill has come to fruition. Through this partnership, the university has made a big step forward in sports science research and education with this achievement.

Looking to upgrade their existing labs, the Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Department of the University ran a tender to procure this new equipment. Northumbria University’s aim was to replace their ageing treadmills with a more versatile machine, recognising the need for modernisation. On that account, they were seek a treadmill that could support a wide range of sport science research activities.

Treadmill being delivered by lorry
The over-sized h/p/cosmos treadmill prepares to leave the HaB direct premises.

The Project

The head of department, Professor Nick Caplan, investigated an oversized machine capable of high-performance testing as well as use with bikes, wheelchairs and skis. The proposal for an oversized h/p/cosmos Saturn 300/125rs treadmill emerged as the ideal solution. With the Saturn promising to meet the university’s tender specification and research needs.

Collaborative Efforts and Challenges

The journey to acquiring and installing the treadmill involved meticulous planning and cooperation between HaB, Northumbria University staff, and external partners. A key challenge was the machine’s installation location—a first-floor lab situated 200 metres from the nearest entrance. Moreover, the lab in question featuring a shallow false floor potentially unsuitable for the treadmill’s weight. The solution: to crane the treadmill onto a platform of an outdoor stairwell that led directly into the first floor. A plan requiring careful logistical planning to ensure safety and feasibility. 

The next step involved using ingenuity by the team to get the treadmill the extra 200m to the lab. Using skates under the treadmill, the team manoeuvred across the running track and successfully into the lab. The team navigated numerous logistical challenges to ensure the physical feasibility of the move without risking the floor’s integrity.

Further, accommodating the treadmill’s size for practical use in research posed additional hurdles. The machine’s height made traditional methods of taking measurements and blood samples from athlete’s problematic. The creative resolution involved designing and fabricating custom platforms (completed by our brilliant engineer, Pete) to enable easy access to athletes on the treadmill. This ensures that the equipment could be used effectively for its intended research purposes.

Achieving Installation Success

After overcoming various logistical and technical challenges, the installation of the treadmill and platforms was completed in early 2024. The process was a testament to the collaborative spirit and dedication of all parties involved. The project saw significant contributions from HaB’s team—Tom, Jack, Pete, and Stuart—and the Northumbria University team. The Northumbria team was led by Ashleigh Keenan who spearheaded the majority of the research, planning and critical actions of the installation. In addition, she was supported by Professor Nick Caplan and Technical Support Manager Amber Cassells, who played a vital role in managing health and safety aspects.

A Moment of Reflection

Reflecting on the project, Tom from HaB noted:

“This was my largest and most challenging project to date. The support from Stuart, Pete, Jack, Ashleigh, and everyone at Northumbria University was incredible. It’s amazing to see months of hard work culminate in such a successful installation. The treadmill isn’t just a piece of equipment; it’s a statement of our commitment to advancing sports science.”

This initiative stands as a beacon of progress, showcasing what can be achieved when industry and academia collaborate towards a common goal. Northumbria University now boasts a cutting-edge treadmill that will support its ambitions for decades to come. In addition, ultimately driving forward research and innovation in sports science.

Elevating Academic Excellence

The installation of the h/p/cosmos Saturn 300/125rs treadmill at the University of Northumbria represents a major enhancement to the university’s sports science research and educational offerings. This new piece of equipment is a testament to the diligent efforts and teamwork of numerous individuals. Additionally, it acts as a foundational element for enriching future research, potentially influencing the direction of sports science.

For HaB, this project is an example of our ability to navigate complex challenges and deliver solutions that meet the exacting needs of the academic community.

Watch the video below to see the efforts of our team from start to finish.

Capabilities of the h/p/cosmos saturn 300/125R treadmill

The h/p/cosmos saturn 300/125rs is designed to accommodate a wide range of applications. Consequently making it an ideal choice for a multifaceted research environment. It boasts a substantial 300 cm by 125 cm running surface, further providing ample space for a variety of sports science activities.

The treadmill’s rolling functionality allows for seamless integration with wheelchairs, bikes, and other equipment. Therefore, facilitating diverse research capabilities. This feature is particularly beneficial for inclusive sports science studies, enabling research to conduct studies and training sessions with different populations and equipment.

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