Exercise for Overweight People

BMI, or body mass index, is a useful measurement for establishing whether a person is of a healthy weight for their height. It is widely used in clinical and sports settings and according to the NHS, people with a BMI of 25 – 29.99 are overweight. Additionally, anyone with a BMI of over 30 is obese. The NHS also suggests that those with a high BMI should speak to their GP about diet and safe exercise for overweight people.

Although dieting will help a person to lose weight, burning calories through exercise will also help. Implementing exercise for overweight beginners will help them to establish a routine, setting good practise and helping them to burn energy and keep the weight off.

Women working out in park
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Exercise for overweight people

According to the NHS, Chief Medical Officers recommend a minimum of 150-minutes of moderate-intensity activity each week. The definition of this is any activity that increases heart rate and breathing rate. This includes:

  • Brisk walking
  • Cycling
  • Recreational swimming
  • Dancing

Choosing an exercise bike

An exercise bike is a safe and controllable way to begin exercising. Furthermore, using an ergometer to exercise, such as the Monark 928E G3, will alleviate the impact on joints. This is a huge bonus to someone who is overweight.

The Monark 928E G3 ergometer
Photo courtesy of https://sport-medical.monarkexercise.se/medical/

The Monark 928E G3 ergometer is an ideal bike to use with people who are overweight and have limited mobility. Because it doesn’t have a crossbar to step over, the frame is very easy to access. It also has a comfortable cycle feeling. Furthermore, along with the saddle, the handlebar is fully adjustable and quick and easy to adjust. Additionally, with personal data such as age, max pulse, weight and gender easily set, the G3 display indicates:

  • RPM (pedal revolutions/min)
  • Heart rate (bpm)
  • Time (min: sec)
  • Workload (watts)
  • Speed (km/h)
  • Distance (km)
  • Calories (kcal)
  • Max HR (%)

This Monark exercise bike offers not only safe training but also testing, with four fixed test protocols: Increment (custom), PWC, Åstrand and YMCA.

Finally, the Monark ergometer itself is also able to support a maximum user weight of 250kg (approximately 39 stone). Therefore, it provides safe exercise for overweight people.

Using the Monark 928E G3 ergometer consistently, users will be able to see their progress on the display as they exercise, as well as, in their test results. These are motivating factors that help people with a weight problem keep exercising and keep the excess pounds off. Good results also motivate people to be consistent with their exercise which increases their chance of long-term weight loss.

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