Lanserhof’s Wellness Upgrade: h/p/cosmos Quasar Med Treadmill

When it comes to the pursuit of holistic health and well-being, Lanserhof at the Arts Club stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence. This private medical health and well-being service has been setting the gold standard in modern medicine for over 30 years. Lanserhof is renowned for its groundbreaking approach, fusing holistic medicine with regeneration and prevention.

In 2022, Lanserhof introduced its first facility in the UK, right in the heart of London. To help facilitate their unique wellness services, Lanserhof sought the expertise of HaB Direct, a trusted provider of Sports & Medical equipment. The journey that led to the installation of the h/p/cosmos Quasar Med Treadmill is nothing short of fascinating.


Enhancing Health Together

The introduction to HaB Direct came through a network of connections within the Sport Science department at Swansea University. A Lanserhof representative identified the need for a medical treadmill to complement their Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing (CPET) device and for gait analysis. This marked the beginning of a partnership that would elevate the wellness experience at Lanserhof to new heights.

Initial meetings took place at the Lanserhof facility on Dover Street, where both teams embarked on a journey to explore the possibilities and requirements of this innovative project. It was an opportunity for the experts at HaB Direct to understand what Lanserhof wanted to achieve with the treadmill. Furthermore, HaB also needed to determine the perfect spot for its installation.

Choosing the perfect solution: h/p/cosmos Quasar Med Treadmill

The extensive discussions led to several options being presented to Lanserhof. The decision was made to proceed with the h/p/cosmos Quasar Med Treadmill in an elegant matt black finish. This choice was driven by a series of factors, each playing a crucial role in making the Quasar Med treadmill the ideal solution:

  1. Non-Reflective Finish: The treadmill’s matt black finish was a strategic choice to enhance gait analysis. This finish minimises the risk of reflection issues.
  2. Seamless Integration: The Quasar Med treadmill seamlessly connected with Lanserhof’s CPET device, streamlining their diagnostic and analytical processes.
  3. Meeting Specifications: The product’s specifications aligned perfectly with Lanserhof’s requirements, ensuring it could meet the needs of their discerning clientele.
  4. Budget-Friendly: Importantly, the Quasar Med treadmill was a cost-effective solution, aligning with Lanserhof’s budgetary constraints.

HaB’s Role in a Successful Installation

The team at HaB played a pivotal role in making this installation a success. Their expertise and understanding of medical equipment needs and their commitment to delivering excellence, ensured that Lanserhof’s expectations were met.

HaB Team Member, Jack, noted:

“Brilliant team effort – Pete led the team and ensured that the job was completed safely and successfully.”

Lanserhof at the Arts Club’s choice to integrate the h/p/cosmos Quasar Med Treadmill showcases their commitment to delivering the best to their clients. h/p/cosmos, with its long and established history built on a foundation of quality, perfectly complements Lanserhof’s innovative approach to health and well-being. It is, therefore, no surprise that other Lanserhof facilities across Europe have also chosen h/p/cosmos for their medical equipment. The UK facility has followed suit.

As Lanserhof continues to set new standards in modern medicine, the integration of the h/p/cosmos Quasar Med Treadmill stands as a testament to their dedication to client care and innovation in the field of health and well-being.

Watch our video below to see images from the installation


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