New College Durham’s New Treadmill For AEP & Podiatry

New College Durham is the recent recipient of a university grade h/p/cosmos treadmill, for use in applied exercise physiology (AEP) and podiatry.

photo of New College Durham

This outstanding provider of further and higher education set out to look for a dual-purpose treadmill. Their undergraduate sports students were in need of a treadmill for running exercise protocols. Also, their podiatry students were in need of a treadmill for performing gait analysis. Because of this, there were specific requirements, including the need to be reliable, stable, low maintenance and virtually indestructible.

New College Durham’s Brief

The college contacted us after having seen our h/p/cosmos Pulsar treadmill installation for Durham University. They provided their own specific requirements for different areas of use.

They were looking for a high spec running machine to replace their old treadmill. And they preferred a reliable and trusted solution that would replicate what universities use. Furthermore, it had to be suitable not only for the needs of attending students, but also as a service for external clients.

A Bespoke Solution

After establishing their requirements, HaB Direct were able to recommend a bespoke solution. Whats more, it fulfils all immediate requirements whilst providing the opportunity of retrofitting accessories at a later date. The best solution for New College Durham is the h/p cosmos Quasar MED treadmill with new MCU6 and Optofix clamps. And on 20th July, Jordan Allan and Pete Brown of HaB Direct installed the new equipment at the Framwellgate Moor Campus.

The special, custom-made Optofix clamps will securely hold their OptoJump system on the treadmill. They also ensure that the system remains stable for obtaining good quality gait analysis data.

A First For The UK

This configuration is a first in the UK. New College Durham is the first to incorporate the new UserTerminal with MCU6 (Micro Controller Unit) and Graphical UserInterface on their h/p/cosmos treadmill. In fact, the MCU6 will provide widely advanced connectivity along with additional features. It enables the connection of external devices via LAN, WiFi, Bluetooth® and USB. It also enables stable RS232 connection, using the coscom® v4 protocol. Finally, the MCU6 also makes available RFID/NFC communication.

photo of UserTerminal with MCU6

After installation, our site manager commented,

“It is great to see yet another h/p/cosmos treadmill in a higher education facility giving more students the opportunity to use the same equipment that is being used by the world’s best practitioners and athletes.”

Why We Recommend h/p/cosmos

For over 33 years, h/p/cosmos has been developing and building treadmills in Germany for various fields. These include fitness, competitive sports, sports medicine, orthopaedic and neurological rehabilitation. Also, sport science, biomechanics, uniformed services, performance diagnostics and cardiopulmonary diagnostics and rehabilitation.

With h/p/cosmos you can also get your individually assembled treadmill solution with a large selection of options and accessories. If your budget doesn’t allow you all the optional extras at time of purchase, it’s not a problem. This is because most options and accessories can be retrofitted at a later date, as with New College Durham’s treadmill.

Simon Fairbairn, Course Leader, reports,

“We ordered the h/p/cosmos Quasar from HaB and found the process and communication excellent. The confirmed delivery date and installation ran smoothly and in super quick time. The equipment will help support our undergraduate sport and podiatry students use up to date equipment to measure physiological metrics and gate analysis as part of their courses.”

photo of treadmill and client

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