New Website, New Look, New Domain

We are very excited to announce the launch of our new website, with a new look and new domain. The intention of all of this is to improve our customers’ experience of finding known products by well-known brands; discovering new equipment and world-leading brands, as well as, raising awareness of HaB Direct to our customers from across the world.

New Website

There is much clearer navigation to products and sectors now, with a choice of sorting options (such as by price) along with various options for displaying the number of products per page.

Our new filter will enable you to search for products more efficiently, according to your own criteria. This is something we were planning for several product categories, including Anatomical Models, which includes over 160 models to choose from.

From the Anatomical Models collection, you will now be able to select by the system of the human body, and furthermore, by part of the body. This filtering by criteria applies to all product sectors, helping to refine results and make for a faster purchasing experience.

Here we demonstrate how to use the new filter to find EKF Diagnostics Blood Analysers.

We hope you will find useful information about our services on the homepage of our website. The case studies, alongside our news section, will highlight the projects we have completed and outline the impact we are having in all business sectors, such as Health & Medical, Sport & Fitness and Veterinary.

New Look

It is now easier to find tried and tested, reliable products for the Health & Medical sector, Sport & Fitness market, and, new to HaB Direct, Veterinary medicine. Our medically certified equipment includes diagnostic and health screening devices and rehabilitation equipment for animal physiotherapy.

The markets that we serve are now more easily defined, and you will be able to find not only what you’re looking for more easily, but also discover new solutions too.

For those new to HaB Direct, we hope our new Services section will be helpful. Here you will find out how our experienced team are happy to offer you advice about products that best suit your needs and budget, about the installation or relocation of large, specialised equipment, about training after installation and how we are able to offer services for repairing and maintaining your equipment.

New Domain

HaB Direct is an international e-commerce site, offering a carefully selected portfolio of products to professionals in countries across the world. We have reflected this in our new .com domain.

And Finally…

The goal of our new website is to provide our visitors with information about who we are, what we do, the services we provide, and our impact on the world of Health & Medical, Sport & Fitness and Veterinary medicine.

Our new website will continue to evolve, as we look to expand its functionality for you, the user, still further. If you have any questions, suggestions or any feedback at all that would help you to find what you need, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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