Physiotherapy Gym at the Royal Blackburn Hospital

Earlier this month we were asked to install a new piece of equipment for the  East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust. It is a new addition to the physiotherapy gym at Royal Blackburn Hospital, where they offer a nationally recognised award-winning service.


Physiotherapy helps to restore movement and function when someone is affected by injury, illness or disability. The Cardiac Rehabilitation Service team chose to select the bestselling Monark 828E test bike for use with their patients.

Features of Monark Bike for Physiotherapy

The VO2 Max/SubMax Testing Ergomedic ergometer is in use worldwide for fitness tests and work tests. This stationary cycle is easy to calibrate and just as easy to check when in use. It’s these features that offer the rehab team peace of mind because they know that all the values will always be accurate.

What makes this ergometer so popular is that it is comfortable to use, easy to calibrate and requires no power adapter.

It is also able to measure heart-rate via a chest belt or sensors on the handles.

Physio Treatment at the Hospital

The specialist physiotherapists at the hospital will offer a variety of treatment approaches. In fact, they will encourage patients to play an active role in their own treatment. Physio’s will help them with goal setting and offer advice on managing their condition. This may involve exercises as the first line of approach. And this is where the Monark bike is helpful.

Photos taken on the day

Trying out the new equipment…

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