h/p/cosmos Discovery Ladder Ergometer

h/p/cosmos Discovery Ladder Ergometer

SKU: COS30014VA02

The h/p/cosmos discovery ladder has been developed to serve as a full body ergometer.

Climbing up a ladder is a familiar movement pattern to many people; it involves the use of many muscle groups, including the arms, shoulders, back, and leg muscles. The h/p/cosmos discovery serves as both a fitness training device for endurance training and also a high load ergometer for competitive sports and special applications, for example, firefighters.

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h/p/cosmos Discovery Ladder

The h/p/cosmos discovery ladder ergometer, also called the endless-ladder, has been developed for use as a full body ergometer. It can be used in a whole range of applications. These include competitive sports, special army research centres and firefighter training facilities. The discovery ladder is for realistic stress-tests and fitness training as part of the fire brigade training course worldwide.

By using special grip techniques and grip positions, different muscle groups can be activated. Upright posture ensures that the muscles of the back and upper body are trained simultaneously; coordination of the locomotor system, as well as stamina training for the buttocks and legs, is also achieved using the discovery ladder.

Additional information

Weight 1000 kg


  • height of climb: 235 cm max. usable (productive)
  • rung interval: 24.4 cm / 10 inch
  • rung width: 49.5 cm / 20 inch
  • angle of gradient: 75°
  • permissible load: max. 140 kg (308 lbs) / min. 20 kg (44 lbs)
  • speed range: 0.1…40.0 m/min. resolution 0.1 m/min.
  • interface digital: 1 x RS 232 com1 with 9600 bps: incl. PC-protocol,
  • h/p/cosmos coscom® & printer protocol serial



A study published in the Annals of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine utilised the h/p/cosmos ladder ergometer to evaluate muscle effort and metabolic responses during different grip techniques. The results showed the ladder ergometer has adaptability in assessing and improving performance across various grip positions. Both VO₂ and HR increased with higher step rates. The physiological demand of ladder climbing was higher compared to stair climbing.



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