Holtain Bicondylar Caliper

Holtain Bicondylar Caliper

SKU: H98604

The Holtain Bicondylar Caliper is a nickel plated caliper for making a variety of body measurements, bone breadth and limb girth.

It includes a vinyl carrying case.

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Holtain Bicondylar Caliper

The Holtain Bicondylar Caliper can provide a quick and relatively inexpensive way to estimate body fat. Built with precision in mind, the Bicondylar Caliper is calibrated to deliver consistently accurate measurements. These measurements range from 0 mm to 48 mm. 

Bicondylar calipers have two arms with flattened, curved tips designed for comfort and ease of use. The easy-to-grip handles and simple operation make them suitable for both seasoned experts and those new to skinfold measurements. Allowing you to create a comprehensive profile of your subject’s body composition, a critical component for health assessment and fitness planning.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Measuring Range (Inches)

0" – 5.51"


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