Pinnacle Mini Peak Flow Meter

Pinnacle Mini Peak Flow Meter

SKU: 1500000A

The Pinnacle Mini Peak Flow meter is able to measure how fast someone is able to breathe out, giving them their peak flow score.

The Pinnacle Peak Flow Meter comes with a plastic reusable mouthpiece. 

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Pinnacle Mini Peak Flow Meter

A peak flow meter is a device designed to assess an individual’s exhalation speed, yielding their peak flow score, which serves as an indicator of potential airway constriction.

A reduced peak flow score may suggest the presence of asthma, but further diagnostic tests, like spirometry, are typically necessary to definitively confirm the diagnosis. For individuals already diagnosed with asthma, regular peak flow measurements prove valuable for ongoing condition monitoring.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Measuring Range

60 – 900 L/MIN


<+2% (Intra-instrument)

Max Flow Resistance

0.30 kPa/l/s @c550L/MIN

Standard Compliance

ISO 23747; ATS (NAEP 1997); AS/NZ 4237

EEC Compliance

CE marked and certified

Shelf Life

3 years


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