“Pocket” Urine Specific Gravity Refractometer PAL-10S

“Pocket” Urine Specific Gravity Refractometer PAL-10S


With the popular Osmocheck now obsolete, we have sourced a new range of accurate urine analysis devices, including this hand-held, digital, “pocket-sized” urine specific gravity refractometer; the PAL-10S.

  • The PAL-10S provides a measurement time of just 3 seconds.
  • It is a simple and easy-to-use, handheld device for ‘in the field’ analysis.

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Pocket Urine Specific Gravity Refractometer PAL-10S

The PAL-10S is a digital hand-held compact refractometer to measure urine specific gravity. To operate it, simply place a drop of urine on the prism top and press the “Start”key. Then, the urine specific gravity value will be displayed on the LCD instantly.

Its compact and portable design makes the PAL-10S ideal for use in various settings, including fieldwork, home visits, or in settings where space is limited. The ease of use allows for quick training of staff, making it accessible to a wide range of healthcare professionals.


Additional information

Weight 1 kg





Urine (S.G.)


Urine S.G. : 1.0000 to 1.0600


Urine S.G. : 0.0001


Urine S.G. : ±0.001

Temperature compensation

10 to 35°C


Model: PAL-10S
Cat.No. 4410
Scale: Urine (S.G.)
Range: Urine S.G. : 1.0000 to 1.0600
Resolution: Urine S.G. : 0.0001
Accuracy: Urine S.G. : ±0.001
Temperature compensation: 10 to 35°C


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