Tower Light Hypoxic Systems

Tower Light Hypoxic Systems


The Tower Light Hypoxic Systems have been designed for commercial and institutional facilities such as human performance labs, health and fitness clubs, rehabilitation centres and professional sports teams.

Available in four standard specifications, each system has a simulated altitude range of 0-4,000m and only takes 90 minutes to reach 15% oxygenation (2,800m).

The Tower Light Hypoxic Systems can be used to power inflatable modules or small semi-permanent / permanent room structures.

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The innovative Tower Light Hypoxic Systems are made up of two components:

  • Air Delivery Unit (AD)
  • Room Delivery Unit (RD)

Air Delivery Unit (AD)

The AD Unit is comprised of a mobile, sound-proof cabinet for indoor operation, with all of the pivotal components for running the system housed inside. It can be easily positioned in the room / location of the inflatable, eliminating issues associated with external air temperature; the unit can be stored away when not in use.

Room Delivery Unit (RD)

Functional control of the Tower Light Hypoxic System is provided by the RD Unit. A 4.2″ touchscreen controller display enables the user to set and view simulated altitude settings. Three different modes are available for ease of use and efficiency: manual, timer and maintenance.

The Tower Light Hypoxic System’s computer has been designed to enable software upgrades when they are available; users can be sure that if they buy a system today, they will be using the most up-to-date system going forward. Mulit-level privacy measures are in place to prevent illicit use of the system.

For added benefit, the Tower Light Hypoxic System can be combined with other PBAES systems for a more powerful solution to meet your needs (additional connection kit required).

Please note: Air conditioning systems are required to supplement the Tower Light Hypoxic System.


Installation, commissioning, instruction and maintenance of PBAES must only be conducted by a PBAES trained / authorised personnel.

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