Wattbike Trainer / Pro

Wattbike Trainer / Pro


The result of over 7 years’ development, Wattbike is a user-friendly exercise bike that feels as close to real cycling as you can get.

It can be used for every kind of cycling from rehabilitation and Olympic training to online racing making it suitable for riders of all abilities and ages, providing accurate and consistent performance data. It’s also great for interactive group racing.

The Wattbike is astoundingly accurate, they ensure you make the most of your data, during each and every session.

Cannot be shipped to Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.


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Wattbike Trainer/Pro

The Watt Bike is used by The UCI World Cycling Centre, England Rugby and British Sailing, with ambassadors Joanna Rowsell, Tom Youngs, Lucy Gossage and Matt Bottrill.

Accelerate gains in performance

What makes Wattbike Trainer/Pro ground-breaking isn’t just the realistic ride. Wattbike captures performance data up to 100 times per second across 29-parameters. Whilst its performance computer delivers the kind of data that, until now, has only been available to the world’s most elite athletes. And because every bike gives comparable data and has software that grows as you do, it means you can compare your performance with the best.

Two versions are available, the Pro and the Trainer. Identical in appearance, the Pro has a higher gear ratio and is suitable for higher level workouts and those with higher levels of fitness. The Trainer has a lower gear setting and is suitable for general use and long, endurance training sessions.


Additional information

Heavy Item Charge

£105 ex VAT


Trainer, Pro


30kg, 80mm x 40mm, 2.5mm thick zinc shield primed steel frame


Inline skate, with ball-bearing wheel

Bottom Bracket

30mm thick


170mm long, Thematically treated hardened steel


Racing seat


Combination pedals


Heavy duty ABS plastic construction


Industrial 1⁄2" x 1⁄8" steel


Automotive industry rubber, kevlar reinforced belt

Handlebar Height Adjustment

Range 55–74cm

Seat Height Adjustability

Range 55–84cm


  • Elapsed time is session
  • Ordinal number of turns in the session
  • Total number of turns per minute
  • Circumferential pedal velocity
  • Estimated road bike velocity
  • Estimated road bike distance in given time
  • Heart rate
  • Average force in single turn
  • Average force for the whole session
  • Peak force within one turn
  • Efficiency per pedal revolution
  • Average efficiency for the whole session
  • Power average per pedal revolution
  • Power peak for the whole session
  • Average power for the whole session
  • Work in J (Force x Distance in single turn)
  • Total work obtained by summing up work at the end of each turn
  • Left vs. right leg force in %
  • Right vs. left leg force in %
  • Total average left vs. right leg force in %
  • Total average right vs. left leg force in %
  • Time to reach left leg force in %
  • Time to reach right leg force in %
  • Total average time to reach left leg force peak
  • Total average time to reach right leg force peak
  • Left leg peak force pedal position in degrees
  • Right leg peak force pedal position in degrees
  • Total average left leg peak force pedal position in degrees
  • Total average right leg peak force pedal position in degrees
    • App Compatability
    Wattbike Pro and Trainer support apps that are ANT+ and FE-C compatible.
    • Wireless Technology
    Wattbike Pro and Trainer connect via ANT+, FE-C and BLE
    • Metrics Measured
    Over 37 metrics about your riding and display them in the Wattbike Hub. Third party apps are compatible to deliver power, speed and cadence.
    • Offline Use
    Wi-Fi is required for initial login/signup. After that, you can ride wherever you want. You don’t need to have Wi-Fi or mobile data, we’ll simply sync your data the next time your app is open and you have Wi-Fi.


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