zebris FDM-S Measuring System for Force Distribution

zebris FDM-S Measuring System for Force Distribution

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The zebris FDM-S System analyses stance and roll-off patterns using sophisticated, high-quality plates and easy-to-use accompanied analytic software. Easy to use and portable, the zebris FDM-S is Ideal for use in both clinical settings as a diagnostic tool and as a biometric tool in research.

zebris has over 20 year’s experience in the world of biomechanics and is one of the leading suppliers of professional measuring systems for force distribution movement measurement, with measuring systems shipped worldwide for application in science and everyday clinical usage.

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The zebris FDM-S measuring system comes fully equipped to analyse stance and roll-off patterns of various individuals. Using a high-quality force-measuring plate equipped with approximately 2,000 capacitive force sensors, this multifunctional product enables the user to detect and diagnose a range of feet and posture-related issues, using any number of stance and roll-off pattern tests.

Ideal for use as a diagnostic tool or as a reasearch tool, the FDM-S enables distribution of static and dynamic forces under foot to be analysed during both stance and gait. Users can choose to focus on just one foot or side of the body, and when coupled with the optional software for balance analysis, the user can make detailed observations about various aspects of the participants posture, foot function, and the presence of any deformities or abnomalities.

With two different platform sizes and a range of add-on accessories, the FDM-S system mirrors zebris’ standard FDM system, with the added freedom of being more portable at a more affordable price.

Powerful, yet straightforward software

Similar to other zebris products, the FDM-S is easily controlled and operated by any commercially available PC via USB connection. The readings from FDM-S can be viewed and analysed in the supplied data collection software. This software has three primary features, all in one user-friendly interface:

The Database allows the user to compare the readings from the FDM-S with previously collected data, allowing for easier tracing of abnormalities and easier comparison to previous readings.

The Viewer function allows visual playback of the gait/stance/roll-off tests completed, and is a powerful tool when coupled with the optional camera module.

Report allows the user to configure the collected data, including averaging distributions of force, maximum pressure, force curves and individual phases of roll-off pattern. Such reports can also be printed out or exported for later reference.

Using this software, up to 3 individuals can be compared at the same time, making it an ideal tool for research purposes.

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