Seamless Relocation of h/p/cosmos Saturn Treadmill for Solent University


In the Physiology Laboratory of Solent University, one of the key components is the h/p/cosmos Saturn treadmill, of which HaB Direct is the exclusive distributor for the UK and Ireland. HaB Direct not only supplied and installed the treadmill but also continues to provide essential services such as maintenance and repairs (if/when required). The challenge arose when Solent University needed to relocate the Saturn treadmill from its existing location to the newly developed laboratory space, situated in a different building, on the other side of the campus and on the 2nd floor.

Pete disassembles the treadmill for transportation

Solent University, a long-standing client of HaB Direct, h/p/cosmos, and a renowned institution specialising in healthcare and sports education, embarked on a major modernisation project. With a substantial government grant of £4.3 million, the university aimed to revamp its facilities, courses, and equipment in these critical subject areas. This endeavour included a significant enhancement to the physiology laboratory, which played a pivotal role in the university’s sports courses.

The HaB Solution: Precision Relocation and Seamless Integration

Dismantling with Care: HaB Direct’s skilled technicians meticulously dismantled the treadmill, safeguarding each part meticulously.

Efficient Transport: The treadmill was securely loaded onto a tailored trailer and transported to the new location.

Seamless Reassembly: HaB’s experts ensured accurate and secure reassembly on the second floor. The entire process took 3-4 days.

Streamlined Process: HaB’s ability to provide both equipment and comprehensive services simplified the project. A single point of contact ensured a cohesive and well-coordinated solution.


The successful h/p/cosmo saturn treadmill relocation showcases the harmony between advanced fitness equipment and expert service. HaB Direct’s commitment, equipment knowledge, and customer dedication ensured Solent University’s modernisation proceeded seamlessly.

The h/p/cosmos Saturn Treadmill

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