Sport and Exercise Sciences at Swansea Uni – Top 10 in the UK

The School of Sport and Exercise Sciences at Swansea University is ranked in the top 10 departments in the UK. Furthermore, they rank 5th in the UK for the impact of their research in elite sports.

Photo by HaB Direct – h/p/cosmos treadmills

Sport and Exercise Sciences at Swansea University

Swansea University’s laboratories provide state-of-the-art facilities for maintaining research excellence. They conduct their world-leading research in areas that include anti doping, sports ethics and exercise physiology.

Sports Labs at Swansea

Located on their Bay Campus, sports and exercise sciences at Swansea University includes a dedicated Biomechanics Lab, with the latest in motion analysis. It also proudly houses their Exercise Physiology Lab. This includes world-class solutions for muscle function testing, blood analysis and lung function assessment. It also contains a range of Monark exercise ergometers for power testing.

Photo by HaB Direct – Monark cycle ergometers

Maintenance of equipment

To ensure the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences is always in full working order, Swansea University relies on regular servicing of their equipment. This keeps the department functioning at its best. In fact, we were there recently to service a range of equipment, as well as to relocate their h/p/cosmos pulsar 3P treadmill:

Each of our world-leading suppliers train our service engineers to become highly skilled in service and maintenance of their equipment. This ensures the longevity of all equipment.

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