Stationary Bikes in ICU Aid Faster Recovery

The Royal Gwent Hospital in Newport is making headlines. Why? Because it is finding new ways to help ICU patients recover faster. They are using stationary bikes as a ‘stepping stone into rehabilitation’.

Stationary Bikes in ICU Aid Faster Recovery

The hospital is placing exercise bikes next to patients’ beds in the Intensive Care Unit. And now the unit uses two bikes with patients to help with recovery: one that exercises the arms; one that exercises the legs.

This initiative is part of the health board’s improvement project they’re trialling. The aim of the trial is to find out if there is a way of reducing muscle weakness which results from staying in a critical care environment.


Sara Biggs, Physiotherapist, says to the Health Correspondent at WalesOnline:

“Using these bikes at an early stage definitely helps to preserve ICU patients’ muscle mass and also helps them to keep moving and gain the strength to get back up walking more quickly.”

Exercise Bikes for Rehab & Recovery

The Royal Gwent Hospital is using one bike for arm exercise and another for leg exercise. But there are bikes that will do both, saving hospitals space and money.  And with budgets tight, having one solution for two requirements is a no-brainer. In addition, by ensuring you select from an established  medical brand, you can be sure that it’ll be up to the job.

Monark Medical exercise bikes remain the industry standard and are the most widely used. Monark are leading the way in the areas of testing, rehabilitation and healthcare. In fact, they receive recognition for being the most accurate on the market.

Each Monark exercise bike is designed not only as a testing tool but also as a medical measuring instrument.

World’s Most Popular Arm/Leg Trainer

The Monark Compact Rehab 871 E is not only the world’s most popular trainer, but also the best choice for the best price. And thanks to its compact design, it will fit into the smallest of areas. Additionally, because it features a transport handle and requires no power adapter, it is very portable and versatile.

The Monark 881 E Rehab Trainer is the next model in the range. However, unlike the 871E, workload on this can be changed by using another pedalling speed, or by increasing/decreasing the tension of the brake belt against the flywheel by means of the work load control knob.

These arm and leg trainers can be used by patients while sat in a chair, including a wheelchair. This makes them very accessible to the most poorly of patients.  And the Monark 881 E Rehab Trainer, with the right accessories, may even be used by the patient while in bed.

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