Surrey Human Performance Institute Chooses HaB Direct for Cutting-Edge Upgrade

In the dynamic realm of human performance research and health screening, staying at the forefront of technology is essential. Surrey Human Performance Institute (SHPI), a distinguished institution in this field, recently embarked on a transformative journey by upgrading their exercise testing and health screening capabilities. The catalyst for this evolution was their existing usage of an aging h/p/cosmos Quasar machine, which sparked a quest for innovation and efficiency.

Unveiling the Challenge

As an existing user of an age h/p/cosmos Quasar, SHPI found inspiration for change when they encountered the new h/p/cosmos design at the University of Surrey. The need to elevate their capabilities led them to seek an upgrade for their aging machine while expanding their facility.

As the sole distributor of h/p/cosmos Ergometer Treadmills for the UK & Ireland, HaB Direct brought unparalleled expertise to the table. This distinction played a pivotal role in shaping the tailored solution for SHPI, aligning seamlessly with their vision for enhanced capabilities and facility expansion. The logistical challenges of tight spaces and single doorways during installation were deftly navigated by the HaB Direct team. This further solidifying their role as the go-to partner for comprehensive fitness and medical equipment solutions.

The HaB Direct Advantage

Surrey Human Performance Institute’s primary focus is on exercise testing and health screening, demanding a machine capable of handling these tasks efficiently. HaB Direct, with its expertise and understanding of client needs, recommended the h/p/cosmos Quasar as a direct replacement for SHPI’s aging equipment. The choice was not just based on the budget but also on the available space. Thus, ensuring a seamless integration into SHPI’s existing setup.

The HaB team, led by Pete, orchestrated a outstanding endeavour to overcome the challenges. These challenges included tight walkways and single doorways. The installation, though tricky, was executed with proficiency, ensuring the successful integration of two h/p/cosmos Quasar machines into SHPI’s facility.

Brilliant team effort – Pete led the team and ensured that the job was completed safely and successfully.

Jack Elliot, HaB Team

A Quantum Leap in Capability

With the new h/p/cosmos Quasar machines in place, SHPI is now equipped to screen and test more patients and athletes. The institute can significantly reduce waiting times for appointments, providing a more streamlined experience for their clients. Moreover, the enhanced capabilities bring in additional income for SHPI, marking a tangible return on their investment.


The collaboration between Surrey Human Performance Institute and HaB Direct exemplifies the power of innovation and expertise in transforming capabilities. The upgrade not only meets SHPI’s specific needs but also sets the stage for continued excellence in exercise testing and health screening. As SHPI continues to push the boundaries of human performance research, the partnership with HaB Direct serves as a testament to the importance of choosing the right solutions for unparalleled results.


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