UKSCA 2019

UKSCA is the professional body for strength and conditioning practitioners in the UK. The UKSCA Annual Conference will be taking place at the DoubleTree Milton Keynes Stadium Hotel (14-16 June). UKSCA 2019 will be the 15th annual conference organised by the UK Strength and Conditioning Association.

About UKSCA 2019

The Conference is UKSCA’s flagship event. It is an opportunity for over 500 of the top strength and conditioning practitioners to meet and discover the latest in strength and conditioning. This year’s conference will see an impressive line-up of world renowned speakers. In addition, there will also be a limited number of companies invited to exhibit at the conference.

UKSCA 2019 will be the 15th annual conference organised by the UK Strength and Conditioning Association.
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HaB Direct at UKSCA

HaB Direct is one of the limited number of companies exhibiting at UKSCA 2019. We will be showcasing our world-leading brands, including h/pcosmos, EKF Diagnostics, Bodystat, Zebris, Monark, Harpenden, Brower, POWERbreathe, PBAES and others.

Strength and Conditioning Coaches prescribe our tried and tested strength and conditioning solutions, including speed and agility, to specifically help improve athletic performance in competition. Furthermore, our solutions also help athletes with injury prevention and recovery, such as cold water immersion from CET CryoSpa.

HaB Direct’s ‘Products That Perform’ help athletes to become stronger, faster and more flexible. By applying this training, athletes find their endurance improves and they perform better, recover more quickly and remain injury free.

The conference this year will introduce 19 speakers over the two-day event. Topics include:

  • Training female athletes
  • Developing practitioner skillsets
  • Training high performance athletes
  • Injury, recovery and rehabilitation
  • Developing the youth athlete
  • The slippery slope to performance enhancing drugs
  • Psycho considerations for strength coaches
  • Science and practice of elite speed development

Please come and visit us to find out more about our strength and conditioning solutions.

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