Walking Rails For Rehab At New Hospital

The National Rehabilitation Hospital, Ireland, are sourcing solutions for their new hospital. They spoke to us about the h/p/cosmos Parawalk as they are also looking for new walking rails for rehab, to replace their older parallel bars.

“They’ve been very useful as a sturdy support for balance practice with children of different heights, and the locking mechanism is really secure and easy to use. Whether they need to use them or not, all the kids are really curious about them, not that that relates to their performance!” Senior Physiotherapist (Paediatrics)

Walking Rails For Rehab

These rails, also referred to as parallel bars, are specifically for use during physical and occupational rehabilitation. In addition, walking rails are especially beneficial in assisting people with their balance as they re-learn how to walk. Furthermore, they offer support for gait training, range of motion, mobility and strength therapy after illness or injury.

In fact, walking rails are often the first step in rehabilitative treatment. They must be safe to use and strong enough to bear the weight of an individual. Also, the individual using them must be made to feel safe if they are to benefit effectively from their treatment. And this is why the the h/p/cosmos Parawalk is an ideal solution.

Fully Adjustable Parallel Bars For Rehab

The h/p/cosmos Parawalk offers a bar length of 3, 4, or 5 metres. It also offers variable width and height with gas spring support. This makes it the optimal walking rail for rehab, as it meets every need. Finally, the h/p/cosmos Parawalk offers not only a multi bonded wooden platform, but it is also able to be used free standing on floor with a cross base plate. Importantly, it is safe enough to use with a maximum patient weight of 400kg.

This, along with the well established quality and durability of h/p/cosmos solutions is why the National Rehabilitation Hospital selected the Parawalk. In fact, in order to meet the needs of their patients, they chose the 3, 4 and 5 metre options.

At HaB we are very happy to offer advice regarding solutions, and also the best situation. Here’s our thoughts on this recent installation:

“A great team effort on this project from start to finish and really pleasing to see a brand-new high-tech Hospital investing in good quality equipment. The client was especially helpful in organising where each system would go and in facilitating the delivery into each building.”

Walking Rails For Physiotherapy Of Paediatrics

The existing parallel bars that these new rails are replacing, are currently being used for balance practice with children. And now thanks to these new sets of walking rails, many more patients will benefit from their walking rehabilitation. We are very happy that the National Rehabilitation Hospital is delighted with the result:

“When I took over managing the delivery of equipment to our new hospital project, I found every interaction I had with you was extremely helpful and informative.
As we were all dealing with delivery and equipment constraints, due to Covid 19, you always gave me and our team reassurance that our parawalkers (our high tech parallel bars) would reach us in due course. We were always safe in the knowledge that you were keeping us up to date at all times and were trying your best under the circumstances. It was a pleasure dealing with you and the company.”

Thank you to Jordan Allan and Pete Brown for the care and consideration required for such a project. We’d like to also thank them for another professional installation.

HaB Direct’s Installation And Relocation Service

At HaB Direct, we offer an installation service for new equipment, such as these walking rails for rehab, as well as, a relocation service for HaB Direct equipment that may need moving to a new location. You can find out more here.

We also offer customers an Optional 3 Year Servicing Contract and an Extended Warranty. This applies to all capital equipment for major brands where HaB International Ltd is the Exclusive UK & Ireland Distributor. And, your servicing is only carried out by our authorised technicians who receive training directly from the manufacturer. You can also find out more about this service here, or Contact Us directly.

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