Wheelchair Accessible Treadmill from Monark

Monark - Wheelchair accessible treadmill

Monark is best known for setting the industry standard in ergometers, thanks to their accuracy. Because of this, they are in use in hospitals, healthcare facilities, sports medicine institutions and research laboratories across the world. Now, as a result of extensive medical research and top-class Swedish engineering, Monark have designed a wheelchair accessible treadmill with easy entry.

Wheelchair accessible treadmill

What makes this treadmill so accessible to wheelchair users is that it has a lower than average entry. This helps a wheelchair user access the running platform more easily. In addition, the full-length handrails with extra support also assist the user to stand from sitting. Furthermore, the low, initial speed (of 0.1 km/h or 0.06 mph) ensures a smooth and gradual ease of use immediately.

Treadmill for rehabilitation

This medical treadmill is designed for rehabilitation and therapeutic purposes. Because of its design and features, it’s ideal for helping patients re-learn how to move after a stroke, for example. It will also help patients regain physical strength after an accident. Additionally, because the moving belt is controllable at very low speeds, therapists are able to tailor treatment to a patient’s own body strength and movement abilities.

For the safety of patients, the Monark medical treadmill features an emergency stop. This is for the patient to use in case of injury or accident. The therapist may also press it if, for any reason, they wish the belt to stop quickly.

For additional safety, the wheelchair accessible treadmill also features a safety cord. This works in the same way as the emergency stop, bringing the belt to an abrupt stop if the patient stumbles or falls.

Treadmill for diagnostics & training

This Monark Exercise Medical Treadmill is suitable for walking or running and because both the speed and inclination of the moving belt are controllable, it is also ideal for diagnostics and training too.

Therapists are able to analyse the physical condition of a patient through different treadmill stress test protocols, also in combination with a metabolic cart. It offers manual operation but is also controllable via external devices. This makes it suitable for use as a loading device for ergospirometry, ECG measurements and different stress tests for cardiovascular diseases.

The Monark treadmill uses the same control unit, the Novo display, as their state-of-the-art ergometers. This allows high precision controls as well as full flexibility in connecting external devices.

Finally, well-trained specialist staff only should operate this treadmill. Also, a medical doctor and/or well-trained medical specialists must prescribe and monitor the correct loading for a patient on the treadmill.

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