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During football season, it is vitally important that clubs ensure adequate recovery is undertaken by their players. In fact, recovery is of vital importance between games, as well as, during training. So, in addition to the usual football training equipment that is essential for a great season, so too is football recovery equipment. 

A worldwide survey into The Use of Recovery Strategies in Professional Soccer, reveals,

The 3 most important recovery objectives were “alleviating muscle damage/fatigue,” “minimizing injury risk,” and “performance optimization.” 

One of the most frequently used strategies is cold-water therapy. And now, with advances in technology, this is easily achievable by using ice baths, such as those from CETCryoSpa.

Football training equipment should focus on recovery

FiFPro have been voicing their concern over player training overload during the pandemic, but recovery is a vital ingredient of football training at any time. This is because elite players compete under enormous pressure in every tournament and must recover quickly if they are to play the next. Therefore, recovery is just as important as preparation and training. And recovery equipment must therefore be as reliable as training equipment.

Recovery strategies for football players

Cold Water Immersion (CWI) is a well established recovery strategy. And CET CryoSpas’ CWI solutions, available in the UK exclusively through HaB Direct, provide an extensive range of recovery ice bath products to suit all budgets and requirements.

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Football clubs use CET CryoSpa ice baths for recovery

CET CryoSpa ice baths are already in use at some of the biggest football clubs in England, Scotland, Wales, and around the world. The reason they all choose CryoSpa for their ice bath recovery is because of the high quality build, superior filtration levels and excellent reliability. Clubs and institutes that include ice bath recovery as part of their training equipment include:

  • Wembley
  • AC Milan
  • Manchester United
  • Manchester City FC
  • Team GB (London 2012)
  • The English Institute of Sport
  • Wimbledon

CET CryoSpa infection control

In 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, CET CryoSpas took the safety of users one step further, by introducing UV Sanitisation. Now, this is fitted to all CryoSpa Sport, Team CryoSpa and Constrast SpaDuo systems as standard.

Not only do CET CryoSpa ice baths now include UV sanitisation for extra peace of mind, but they also have up to 100sq feet of filtration. Their filtration system keeps the water clear and the high salt water concentrations aid recovery, as well as, infection control. No other supplier matches these high-standards.

CET CryoSpas offer 4 treatment modalities

These modalities are:

  • Temperature (chilling down to 1˚C)
  • Turbulence (massage jets create water disturbance)
  • Hydrostatic Pressure (the depth of the water creates hydrostatic pressure)
  • Salination (salt water has both infection control and healing properties)

The CET CryoSpa Sport solution

Features of the Sport model include:

  • Cold Water Immersion
  • Can accommodate up to 1-4 athletes at any one time
  • 4 treatment positions
  • 20 massage jets
  • Variable massage pressure
  • Temperatures down to 1˚C

The CET Team CryoSpa Sport solution

This Team Sport solution features:

  • Cold Water Immersion, each spa set at a different temperature
  • Can accommodate up to 2-8 athletes at any one time
  • 4 treatment positions per spa
  • 20 massage jets per spa
  • Variable massage pressure
  • Temperatures down to 1˚C

The CET Contrast SpaDuo solution

This is a cost-effective component of any club’s football training equipment as it offers both hot and cold immersion. This makes it ideal for both swollen joints and pulled muscles by reducing inflammation with cold water, and soothing and restoring flexibility with hot water.

The Contrast SpaDuo features:

  • Hot and Cold Water Immersion
  • Can accommodate up to 2-8 athletes at any one time
  • 4 treatment positions per spa
  • 20 massage jets per spa
  • Variable massage pressure
  • Temperatures down to 1˚C or up to 40˚C
  • NEW CET CoolSpa

The NEW CET CoolSpa solution

This new CoolSpa solution is ideal for players who wish to take recovery home with them. Designed for a single user, it is also easy to install and use. And the ‘Plug and Play’ design ensures that installation requirements are minimal. Furthermore, the hand-held jet allows turbulence to be focused on a particular area of focus, such as calf, thigh or hamstring areas.


  • Cold Water Immersion
  • Individual treatment
  • 3 treatment positions
  • Handheld massage jet
  • Temperatures down to 5˚C

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