Innovative Treadmill Integration: Coventry University Puts Its Best Foot Forward With h/p/cosmos

In the ever-evolving landscape of education and research, institutions are constantly seeking ways to stay at the forefront of innovation. Coventry University recently embarked on an exciting journey to enhance its laboratory capabilities and provide its students with cutting-edge technology. This case study discusses their collaboration with HaB Direct and the installation of h/p/cosmos Mercury Med Treadmills with Zebris FDM-T integration.


Thanks to funding received from the Office for Students, Coventry University’s Sports and Exercise Science department sought to enhance its laboratory capabilities. The University did this by acquiring higher-specification treadmills with increased adaptability. They required these new treadmills for their existing Sport & Exercise Science and Sports & Exercise Therapy courses, a proposed Podiatry course, biomechanics research, and project work related to footwear design in engineering areas. Having previously worked with HaB Direct for the installation of other h/p/cosmos Treadmills like the Mercury and Saturn, Coventry University was confident in HaB’s ability to meet their specific needs and challenges.

Previous h/p/cosmos Mercury installed at Coventry University by HaB Direct

The Solution: h/p/cosmos Mercury Treadmills with Zebris FDMT Integration

HaB Direct proposed the installation of h/p/cosmos Mercury Treadmills with Zebris FDMT integration. The two Mercury Treadmills were chosen for their high specifications and adaptability. These perfectly aligned with Coventry University’s requirements for gait analysis and other teaching and research activities. Owing to HaB’s expertise in treadmill technology and their prior successful collaborations with Coventry University, it made them the natural choice.

The HaB team, led by Pete, completed the installation safely and successfully. Jack, who facilitated product training, received positive feedback from Coventry University, indicating successful installation. Additionally, he also continued monitoring of product performance to ensure standards are met. The installation of these treadmills expanded the University’s impressive lab space and fulfilled the requirements of their new Podiatry course.

Jack and Pete working together to install one of the new h/p/cosmos Mercury treadmills

The Impact: A Leap Forward in Research and Education

HaB have helped us to expand our provision of h/p/cosmos treadmills from two to four. Our two new treadmills are instrumented with pressure plates, which should have wide-ranging benefits across the Sport & Exercise, Engineering, and Healthcare areas of the University. It has been great to have a single point of contact from HaB all the way from quotation to product training – thank you Jack and HaB.

Rick Varnham, Principal Technician, Sport & Exercise, Coventry University.

Coventry University’s collaboration with HaB Direct resulted in the successful installation of advanced h/p/cosmos Mercury Treadmills with Zebris FDMT integration. This solution aims to not only meet their immediate needs but also to provide the foundation for future research and education.

Meanwhile, HaB Direct team members also provided annual maintenance for a h/p/cosmos Mercury treadmill that had been installed previously. The positive feedback and satisfaction expressed by Coventry University so far indicates a strong collaboration. Furthermore, they have acknowledged HaB Direct’s commitment to delivering high-quality products and services.

HaB Direct: Your Gateway to Cutting-Edge Treadmill Technology

HaB Direct proudly stands as the United Kingdom’s exclusive distributor of h/p/cosmos Treadmills, with a commitment to excellence and a reputation for providing the best solutions. For all your advanced treadmill needs, we are your go-to partner. Finally, with their expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction, HaB Direct ensures that institutions like Coventry University can elevate their research and education programs with state-of-the-art treadmill solutions.

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