Lactate Testing Used by Football Teams in the English Premier League

Lactate Testing Used by Football Teams in the English Premier League

EKF Diagnostic’s Biosen series of glucose and lactate testing analysers provide lab accurate measurement in one test. Because of this, they have become the brand of choice in diabetes clinics and laboratories. In fact, all Biosen analysers include an interface that will connect to hospital or lab information systems (LIS). Not only are they accurate Point of Care analysers, but they also provide sports coaches, athletes and clinicians with accurate and easy-to-use diagnostic tools. In fact, they are being used by football teams in the English Premier League.

This video from Liverpool FC provides behind the scenes access to their fitness department as the players get ready for pre-season training.

Glucose and lactate testing

Biosen analysers are available as a single channel glucose system. In addition, the dual channel systems will also measure lactate at the same time. Furthermore, each Biosen system will test blood, plasma or serum to provide values of glucose and lactate. Most importantly is that Biosen analysers guarantee values with excellent precision.

Biosen C-Line glucose and lactate analysers

The Biosen C-Line GP+ analysers meet the requirements of sites running predominantly single tests. However, the Biosen C-Line Clinic analysers are well suited for the analysis of sample series in small to medium size hospital laboratories, professional sports clinics, research institutes and industry.

The C-Line GP+ models are able to analyse up to 5 samples. However, the C-Line Clinic model will analyse up to 20 samples.

Fast, accurate and affordable

Thanks to the special chip sensor technology developed by Biosen, these analysers are fast, accurate and affordable. It’s this chip sensor technology that makes it possible to deliver fast measurements. In fact, results are available in around 20-45 seconds. And they are able to produce up to 120 results in just one hour. Not only that, but it provides a high degree of accuracy. Furthermore, the long life of the sensor chip results in a low cost per test. The Chip-sensor life-time for glucose is 7,500 tests, (60 days) and for lactate, it’s 6,000 tests (50 days).

Easy to use glucose and lactate analysers

Biosen analysers feature a multi-lingual touchscreen display, with step-by-step instructions. They also automatically detect the presence of reaction cups. Furthermore, there is no electrode cleaning required, and the chip sensors are easily exchangeable.

Measurements in 3 steps

1. Collect a capillary blood sample.
2. Place capillary into cup and mix.
3. Results are available in 20-45 seconds.

Lactate Testing in the palm of your hand

The Lactate Scout 4 provides easy and reliable lactate measuring in a hand-held device. This makes it ideal for use in the field by individuals or sports teams. It too requires only a small amount of capillary blood (just (0.5 – 25 mmol/L) and returns results in just 10 seconds. Surprisingly, for such a small device, it will also store up to 500 results. In fact, the Lactate Scout 4 is the easiest and most reliable portable lactate analyser available for:

• Sports applications
• Medical applications
• Veterinary applications

Glucose and lactate testing analysers from EKF Diagnostics are used by football teams in the English Premier League, Bundesliga and Italian League football. Furthermore, Olympic Associations and National Institutes of Sport around the world use them for understanding an athlete’s lactate levels. In turn, this helps to determine an optimal training regime for avoiding under or overtraining.

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