EXCLUSIVE OFFER: Get a FREE Nissei WS-1300 Blood Pressure Monitor (worth £30.59) with every POWERbreathe K-Series purchase

Exclusive offer- Purchase a POWERbreathe K-Series Device and get free Nissei WS-1300 Blood Pressure Monitor

In a world where health is wealth, we understand the importance of comprehensive well-being. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce an exclusive offer that combines the power of respiratory fitness and heart health monitoring. Get ready to embark on a journey towards a healthier, more empowered you with our special bundle: purchase a POWERbreathe K-Series IMT Device and receive a Nissei WS-1300 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor absolutely FREE! (Worth £ 30.59).

POWERbreathe K-Series can lower your Blood Pressure

Research in the USA has highlighted findings that daily breathe training with POWERbreathe IMST, using the POWERbreathe K3, can reduce high blood pressure just as well as medicine.

We found that doing 30 breaths per day for six weeks lowers systolic blood pressure by about 9 millimeters of mercury and those reductions are about what could be expected with conventional aerobic exercise, he says — such as walking, running or cycling.

Daniel Craighead, University of Colorado Boulder, CU Boulder Today

A retrospective analysis (D. Craighead, D. Tavoian, K. Freegberg, et al. Department of Integrative Physiology, University of Colorado, 2022) published by the Journal of Applied Physiology provides strong evidence to date that POWERbreathe Inspiratory Muscle Strength Training lowers blood pressure.

This 2019 article by Lisa Marshall in CU Boulder Today and this study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association have provided strong evidence to support how the K-Series can reduce blood pressure by dilating blood vessels, particularly the arteries, improving blood flow. Using the POWERbreathe for just 5 minutes works as much as aerobic exercise and more than some medications.

With about half of the tests done, the researchers have found significant drops in blood pressure and improvements in large-artery function among those who performed IMST with no changes in those who used a sham breathing device that delivered low-resistance.
So far, the IMST group is also performing better on certain cognitive and memory tests

Lisa Marshall, University of Colorado, CU Boulder Today

To listen to the NPR report titled: ‘Daily ‘breath training’ can work as well as medicine to reduce high blood pressure‘, click here.

To learn more about the benefits of POWERbreathe K-Series and how to use them, read POWERbreathe’s blog here. We’ve created this offer, allowing you to take full advantage of the benefits of POWERbreathe’s K-Series.

Add both POWERbreathe K-Series IMT Device and the Nissei WS-1300 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor to your basket for the offer to apply.

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