Celebrating Healthcare Science Week

Healthcare Science Week (11th-15th March 2024) is an annual celebration aimed at promoting the vital role of healthcare science professionals, celebrating the significant contributions they make to patient care and the healthcare system. It is organised by the NHS and involves a wide range of activities and events. Healthcare Science Week highlights the work of healthcare scientists. Additionally, it aims raise the profile of healthcare science careers among the public and demonstrate the impact of science on patient outcomes.

Healthcare scientists work in over fifty different specialisms, including life sciences, physiological sciences, physical sciences and biomedical engineering. Certainly, these professionals play a crucial role in developing new treatments, diagnosing diseases, and managing patient care through the application of science and technology.

How You Can Support Healthcare Science Week

Educate Yourself and Others: Learn about the diverse roles and impact of healthcare scientists. Share this knowledge with your network, through social media, or by organising informational sessions in your community or workplace. Highlighting the critical work these professionals do can help raise awareness and appreciation.

  • Participate in Events: Look for events happening in your area or online. Hospitals, universities, and scientific institutions often host open days, workshops, and seminars. Participating in these can give you a deeper understanding of healthcare science.
  • Engage with Social Media Campaigns: Use your social media platforms to engage with and broadcast posts about Healthcare Science Week. Look for hashtags like #HealthcareScienceWeek or #HCSWeek and share posts or create your own content to support the celebration.
  • Volunteer or Donate: Consider volunteering for or donating to organisations that support healthcare science research and education. Your time or financial contributions can support the advancement of healthcare science. Potentially leading to breakthroughs in medical treatments and technologies.
  • Advocate for Policy Support: Engage with your local representatives to advocate for policies that support science and research. Ensuring that healthcare science remains a priority in policy decisions can lead to better funding and resources for research and development.

Supporting Healthcare Science Week is an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the incredible contributions healthcare scientists make to medicine and public health. Whether through education, participation, or advocacy, your support can help highlight the importance of science in healthcare. Furthermore, it can also inspire the next generation of healthcare scientists.

Embracing the Future with h/p/cosmos, EKF Diagnostics, and POWERbreathe

As we step into Healthcare Science Week, it is a moment for us at HaB Direct to reflect on the monumental strides that have been taken in the healthcare industry. This week is not just a celebration but a beacon of progress. It is highlighting how technological advancements are redefining patient care, diagnostics, and rehabilitation. At the forefront of these innovations are examples of the groundbreaking products we proudly associate with, including:

Each of these tools exemplifies our commitment to enhancing healthcare science, and here is how.

The h/p/cosmos Gaitway 3D with Integrated Zebris FDM Pressure Platforms

The h/p/cosmos Gaitway 3D is a masterpiece of engineering, integrating zebris FDM pressure platforms to provide a comprehensive analysis of gait patterns. This technology is crucial for patients undergoing rehabilitation, offering therapists a detailed insight into the biomechanics of walking. The ability to accurately measure and analyse gait provides a solid foundation for personalised treatment plans. Therefore ensuring patients receive the most effective interventions for their recovery.

Specifically, the Gaitway 3D has been used in research projects exploring the intricacies of stroke. Consequently demonstrating its utility in advancing our understanding of complex health conditions. Read our case study about Aberystwyth University. The case study features the Gaitway 3D with zebris pressure distribution integrated running surface. It was installed to support a research project exploring the intricacies of stroke.

EKF Diagnostics: A Leader in Blood Analysis

EKF Diagnostics has revolutionised the way blood analysis is performed, offering a suite of products that ensure accuracy, reliability, and ease of use. The Hemo Control, Quo-Test A1c, Quo-Lab A1c Blood Analysers, and Biosen C_Line are exemplary in providing critical data for diagnosing and managing various health conditions. For instance, diabetes management or anaemia screening. These devices empower healthcare professionals to make informed decisions swiftly, enhancing patient outcomes.

Hemo Control is a point-of-care device designed for easy and accurate measurement of haemoglobin and haematocrit levels. It is widely used in blood donation centres, clinics, and hospitals to quickly diagnose and monitor anaemia, chronic diseases such as:

Quo-Test A1c and Quo-Lab A1c Blood Analysers are specifically engineered for the monitoring and management of diabetes. These devices play a crucial role in diabetes care by offering fast, accurate and precise HbA1c results. By enabling immediate feedback on a patient’s glycaemic control, healthcare professionals can make informed decisions on treatment adjustments. Uses boronate affinity fluorescence quenching technology, the gold standard measuring method.

The Biosen C_Line series are highly precise analysers used for measuring glucose and lactate in blood or plasma. They are essential in sports medicine, diabetes care, and intensive care units. In ICUs, monitoring glucose and lactate levels is essential for managing critical illness-related metabolic imbalances, guiding therapeutic intervention. In addition, improving patient outcomes by preventing complications associated with abnormal glucose levels and assessing tissue oxygenation and severity of illness through lactate concentrations.

These products from EKF Diagnostics embody the innovation and progress in healthcare science. As a result, demonstrating how continual advancements in diagnostic tools contribute to the broader goals of improving patient care and treatment efficacy.

POWERbreathe IMT Breathing Trainers

POWERbreathe Inspiratory Muscle Trainers (IMT) are groundbreaking in the field of respiratory care. These devices are engineered to strengthen the respiratory muscles, consequently improving breathing efficiency and performance. For patients with respiratory conditions or those recovering from illnesses affecting lung function, POWERbreathe products offer a path to better health and improved quality of life and provide healthcare professionals with effective tools for managing a wide range of respiratory conditions.

By focusing on strengthening the muscles involved in breathing, these devices can offer considerable health benefits and are integral to patient rehabilitation and respiratory therapy. The resistance challenges these muscles, causing adaptations over time that include increased muscle strength and endurance. This enhanced muscular capability leads to improved breathing efficiency, reduced fatigue, and better exercise performance. Scientifically, IMT is proven to be effective for both healthy individuals and those with respiratory conditions, leading to increased lung capacity and overall improved quality of life. Additionally, the effectiveness of IMT has been well documented in numerous studies and is supported by physiological changes observed in muscle structure and function, demonstrating the science behind its benefits for respiratory health.

The emphasis on such advanced therapeutic tools during Healthcare Science Week underscores the vital role of healthcare science in developing and applying innovative technologies to improve patient outcomes and the efficiency of healthcare services.

Use in Healthcare Settings

Healthcare professionals utilise IMT devices in various settings, including hospitals, clinics, and rehabilitation centres, to support the treatment and management of patients with respiratory conditions, including:


Healthcare Science Week is a time to celebrate the incredible advancements that are shaping the future of patient care. At HaB Direct, we are proud to be at the forefront of this revolution, bringing innovative products like the h/p/cosmos Gaitway 3D, EKF Diagnostics’ solutions, and POWERbreathe’s respiratory training devices to the healthcare sector. These innovations not only demonstrate our commitment to excellence but also our dedication to improving lives through science. As we continue to embrace these technologies, we look forward to a future where healthcare is more precise, personalised, and effective than ever before.

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