HaB’s h/p/cosmos Gaitway 3D Installation at Aberystwyth University

Aberystwyth University, Penglais Campus

In the realm of pioneering research, universities often find themselves in need of specialized equipment to push the boundaries of scientific knowledge. Such was the case for Aberystwyth University‘s Computer Science department when they embarked on a research project by the exploring the intricacies of Stroke. The project was funded by the Welsh Government.

To facilitate this ambitious research, the university required an instrumented treadmill with exceptional capabilities. Through a rigorous tender process, HaB Direct emerged as the chosen supplier for their innovative h/p/cosmos gaitway 3D treadmill. This blog will delve into how HaB Direct’s product and installation services met the university’s needs and exceeded their expectations.

The University’s Quest for Innovation

Aberystwyth University’s quest for innovation was driven by their collaborative research project on stroke. This venture required advanced equipment that could provide in-depth biomechanical data. The university engaged in a thorough tendering process ensuring that they found the right partner to meet their research goals. HaB Direct’s solution was chosen due to its ability to fulfill the university’s specific requirements. We also offer an array of features that set it apart from other proposals.

The h/p/cosmos gaitway 3D treadmill was the answer to Aberystwyth University’s needs. The 3D Gaitway included an elevation module and zebris pressure distribution integrated running surface. Its unique capabilities, such as 3D measurements and integrated pressure distribution, made it the perfect fit for the research project. Therefore, it stood out as the only instrumented treadmill on the market that could seamlessly connect and combine data with other research tools.

Key strengths of the h/p/cosmos gaitway 3D

The advantage the h/p/cosmos gaitway 3D treadmill has over other instrumented treadmills in the marketplace is its ability to connect and combine with other products. By utilising the Noraxon MyoResearch software modules the customer was able to synchronise the data collected by the 3D treadmill. This data came from the pressure distribution platform embedded into the running surface and their Vicon system. Moreover, the customer would also be able to seamlessly link Noraxon’s Ultium EMG and IMU system into the synchronised data set. Overall providing the ultimate biomechanics package.

The Installation Challenge

The installation of the instrumented treadmill was no small feat, considering the complex nature of 3D data collection and the unique location for its placement. The treadmill needed to be installed in the Computer Science laboratory. The lab also presented a challenge due to a small flight of stairs with a 90° right angle bend. To overcome this obstacle, the HaB Direct team carefully disassembled the Gaitway 3D into more manageable components. The team then worked transporting them into the building before reassembling the treadmill.

A Solid Foundation for Precision

To ensure that the instrumented treadmill provided the most accurate data with minimal noise artefact, physically bolting it into the concrete floor creates a rigid foundation. The installation included the use of four load cells, located in each corner of the treadmill. These provide some of the highest sampling rates available among instrumented treadmills.

HaB Direct’s Remarkable Team

The success of this installation project was the result of an exceptional team effort. The team was led by Pete and supported by Jack and Stuart.

Stuart Jackson, the Director of Sales UK & Ireland for HaB Direct, emphasized the importance of the meticulous planning that went into this endeavour.

“The tender process was extensive and HaB Direct submitted a really detailed proposal that ultimately ‘sold’ the h/p/cosmos gaitway 3d treadmill solution to Aberystwyth University. When supplying the Gaitway 3D treadmill, along with the zebris integration and Noraxon MyoResearch software modules it helps to create the ultimate biomechanics data collection package.
The HaB Direct installation team did a great job in difficult conditions. This in part was due to the meticulous planning that was undertaken prior to the installation but also the experienced installation team.”


HaB Direct’s installation of the h/p/cosmos gaitway 3D treadmill at Aberystwyth University represents a shining example of successful collaboration. Through a thorough tendering process, the university was able to select the perfect solution for their ambitious research project. The seamless integration of the Gaitway 3D treadmill with other research tools and the complex installation process demonstrated HaB Direct’s commitment to ensuring the university’s success. This project serves as a testament to the power of collaboration between universities and specialized suppliers, furthering the frontiers of scientific knowledge.

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