zebris Biomechanics

zebris Biomechanics

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zebris Medical GmbH provides continuous innovations in developing and producing measuring systems for the biomechanics sector.

zebris has over 20 years’ experience in the world of biomechanics and is one of the leading suppliers of professional measuring systems for 3D movement analysis and force distribution measurement, with measuring systems supplied worldwide for application in science and everyday clinical use.

The possibilities for application are enormous and therefore zebris solutions are tailored to your own particular requirements. Due to the variety of solutions and options we highly recommend you talk to one of our knowledgeable respresentatives. Please Contact Us or Request a Rep Visit.

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Zebris Biomechanics

zebris biomechanical measuring technology is suitable for:

1. For motion analysis and 3D navigation. zebris systems have been developed that enable a precise, spatial tracking of measuring markers and inertial sensor systems technology. These zebris systems are simple and straightforward to use and as mobile measuring stations they are also ideal for application in routine operation.

Different measuring configurations can combine from three basic systems.

2. Force Distribution & Measurement. High-quality, calibrated pressure sensors analyse the distribution of the ground reaction forces. For stance and gait analysis, the sensors are arranged in matrix form in high spatial resolution and are integrated in measuring plates of up to 6m in length, or in h/p/cosmos treadmills in a wide variety of sizes.

zebris Biomechanics Measuring Systems – Sport & Fitness

zebris produces measuring systems for optimizing the movement and strain parameters for when analyzing movement sequences carried out during sport and fitness training. Using zebris’ systems co- ordination exercises can be done, the body statics can be tested and gait and roll-off analyses can be carried out. The user moves in a virtual running environment on a computer- controlled h/p/cosmos treadmill that’s fitted with pressure sensors and carries out tasks that require continuously varying walking, balancing running or jumping movements.

For balance & coordination

The zebris XXL multi-purpose force plate opens up new horizons in gait analysis for the most diverse fields of application, providing maximum freedom of movement for the analysis of stance, gait and jump.

Being based on the proven zebris force distribution measurement technology (FDM), the versatile all-rounder combines surface video projection with a wide range of interactive applications and games.

For running

The FDM-T System “challenge run” consists of a treadmill with over 5,000 force sensors integrated underneath the treading surface and a large screen which depicts a virtual running environment. For example, in the form of a path running through the forest. The runner sees his own footprints live on the screen and gains direct feedback on his movements. Obstacles then occur such as puddles that users have to jump over or avoid. Additionally, an evaluation system awards points according to how successful the achievements were.

For ambitious training, treadmills offer the advantage of being able to repeat the training of specific movement sequences. Exercising on the treadmill no doubt leads to a certain monotony that quickly reduces one’s motivation to train. The FDM-T System “challenge run” counteracts this effect by offering a variety of attractive possibilities and forms of training.

Walking on conventional treadmills often leads to rigid, stereotype gait patterns. These are overcome with the FDM-T System by including jumping movements, varying stride lengths, or other variations in movement. In this way, one’s coordination ability can be trained and at the same time, the effect of the training increased. During the training it is possible to set the runner useful exercises. Including where certain step sequences and running techniques are specified and automatically monitored. Using the FDM-T System it is considerably easier to train movement sequences that correspond with natural movement patterns.

zebris treadmills with integrated force sensors have a large variety of application possibilities and also permit, for instance, the optimum choice and fit of sport shoes or orthopedic shoe inserts.

zebris Biomechanics Measuring Systems – Medical

The basic zebris systems for 3D movement analysis, force-distribution measurement and analog data recording open up the world of biomechanics.

For the numerous measuring tasks in medicine and science, application programmes are simple to handle and which to learn.

  • Rehawalk training for rehabilitation
  • Gait analysis with treadmill or platform systems
  • Stance and roll-off analysis
  • Proprioceptive posture therapy
  • Spinal analysis
  • 3D motion analysis


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