Monark Cardio 827E


Monark Cardio 827E

SKU: M908277

A stable exercise bike with a smooth ride that will keep going for many years. Specially designed for intensive use in institutions and gymnasiums. Easy to use and tough, and therefore one of Monark’s most popular exercise bicycles.

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Monark Cardio 827E

The Monark Cardio 827E cycle ergometer stands out as an exemplary piece of fitness equipment. Designed with the user’s performance and comfort in mind. It features a large, well-balanced 20 kg (44 lbs) flywheel that ensures a smooth and consistent pedalling experience. Closely mimicking the feel of cycling on an open road.

The electronic display is a noteworthy addition, offering users the ability to monitor their heart rate as they exercise. Thus, enabling them to optimise their workouts for maximum efficiency. Both the seat height and handlebar can be adjusted, ensuring that individuals of varying heights can find their perfect riding position. The handlebar adjustment is particularly user-friendly, thanks to a quick-release lever that makes customisation swift and hassle-free.

This combination of features makes the Cardio 827E cycle ergometer an ideal choice for those seeking a reliable and comfortable tool to aid in their fitness journey.


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