Monark LC6 Novo Duo

Monark LC6 Novo Duo


The Monark LC6 Novo Duo is the New Generation of Monark Bike.

The LC/LT series was developed for athletes and scientists looking for the highest level of performance.

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LC6 Novo Duo

In many applications, the ergometer is part of a bigger system. Monark LC6 Novo Duo is adapted and equipped to be controlled from external systems like ECG, Spirometry, Metabolic carts or PC programmes. With the same specifications and features as LC7 (except touch screen) the LC6 becomes a perfect tool for anyone.

For the most reliable, accurate and adaptable bicycle training and research in sport medicine, there is the LC7 & LC6. Perfect fit with fully adjustable setting of the seat position within 20 cm horizontally. The new improved seatpost for the Monark LC6 Novo Duo allows for accurate adjustment.

The LC6 Novo Duo comes with the Novo Duo control system. This ensures quick and precise resistance adjustments. Resistance can be RPM dependent or independent. The device works as a standalone ergometer or with external systems such as a metabolic cart or computer. Its pendulum system offers Monark’s unparalleled calibrations, promising accurate and dependable data.

Adjustability in all directions creates the perfect cycling position and improves upon the classic Monark bike feeling without affecting the rigidity of the frame. Monark’s classic bike feeling is even improved with LC7 & LC6, new Q-factor and updated resistance system makes the feeling complete. The Q-factor is essential for a genuine roadbike feeling. The LC7 & LC6 uses the same bottom bracket shell as ordinary road bikes and both the bottom bracket and cranks are easy to change. Exchangeable and upgradable components allow for complete customization for an athlete’s specific needs. 

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Weight 100 kg
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  • Fully adjustable for true cycling position
  • Customizable for specific testing needs
  • Speed independent accuracy
  • Accurate cycling feeling
  • Easily to control and calibrate
  • Easy to connect to external devices


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