Monark EVO/EVO+

The Monark EVO is specially designed to reproduce a realistic cycling feel in virtual races run in e-cycling. Virtual races take place with thousands of cyclists, 365 days a year – or when it suits you best. You will never again have to long and wait until the dry asphalt is back to be able to cycle. Choose your level of challenge, and cycle every day in optimal conditions.

With the double pendulum on the Monark EVO+, it is no exaggeration to say that it delivers unparalleled strength. With an impressive 1400 watts at 100 rpm or 750 watts at 50 rpm, this powerhouse is a real challenge for the most experienced cyclists.

£4,350.00 Ex VAT £4,350.00

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Monark EVO Ergometer

Monark EVO, the new ergometer that communicates SMART, both via BLE and ANT+. Monark’s ergometer bikes are known for their precise measurement reliability, thanks to the unique pendulum system that allows the bike to be calibrated before each use to deliver the same accurate watts. This, combined with the new Novo Duo display, electronic shift controls and sprint buttons, makes the EVO the perfect bike for virtual races in e-cycling.

Produced in Sweden, Monark have been manufacturing world-class exercise bikes since 1954. Therefore have a long and solid experience in building exercise bikes. They have taken that into account in the development of the EVO.

Guaranteed precise measurement reliability via the unique pendulum system found in our bicycles. When testing the pendulum system, -0.03% was shown in the error source when the difference to the crank part was taken into account with a cycle constant of 1.06.


The Monark EVO+ with 14kp pendulum is not just a bike – it’s a masterpiece of engineering and design. With a heavier pendulum than a standard EVO, they have created the ultimate challenge for the strongest cyclists in the world. Whether you are a professional racing cyclist or a dedicated training enthusiast, this bike will bring out the best in you.

With the programmable “sprint buttons”, you can go from easy resistance to maximum challenge in no time. Why compromise when you can have the best? Monark EVO+ is the bike that takes your training to the next level. Experience the power, precision and versatility of a true world-class bike. Get ready to dominate the virtual road and reach your training goals like never before with Monark EVO+.

Please contact us for more information about the EVO+.


  • Sport frame, Perfect fit
  • Racing handlebar with shifter STEERING
  • Adjustable steam, horizontal 60 mm, vertical 500-910 mm
  • Adjustable seatpost, horizontal 60 mm, vertical 530-940 mm
  • Black saddleback, Sport
  • 68/110 mm crankshaft
  • Steel crankshaft, 172.5mm
  • 9/16”, combo pedals
  • Electronic Pendulum Scale loading system
  • 20 kg flywheel
  • POWER SUPPLY – 220V (12V, 5.0 A)
  • WARRANTY – 24 Months



  • RPM
  • TIME


  • ANT+ / ANT+ FE-C


  • MAX USER WEIGHT – 180 kg
  • BIKE LENGTH (MM) – 1405
  • BIKE WIDTH (MM) – 640
  • BIKE HEIGHT (MM) – Max 1240
  • BIKE WEIGHT (KG) – 62



MOMENTARY MAX POWER (at 100 rpm) – 1400 watts


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