zebris FDM Stance and Gait Analysis System

zebris FDM Stance and Gait Analysis System

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The zebris FDM System analyses stationary and dynamic gait patterns using sophisticated, high-quality plates and easy-to-use accompanied analytic software. Ideal for use in both clinical settings as a diagnostic tool and as a biometric tool in research.

The zebris FDM system is ideal for both clinical and research settings, as the 11,000 sensors give a comprehensive view of both static and dynamic force distribution.

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zebris FDM Stance and Gait Analysis System

The zebris FDM system comes fully equipped to analyse gait patterns of various individuals in order to quantify and diagnose abnormalities in walk cycles. Using high-quality plates with capacitative force sensors, the FDM system measures the distribution of weight on each foot, making the appearance of gait compensations, overpronations and supinations easily discernable to the operator.

Whilst the system itself is controlled by PC (via USB), measurements from the FDM System are analysed conveniently with the provided WinFDM software, which can visually display the gait patterns of the subject, as well as provide a detailed readout of the walk cycle as well as static and dynamic force distributions, all of which can be printed instantaneously.

A range of different platform sizes are available to allow for different measuring configurations.

For Clinical Applications

In a clinical setting, the FDM system can be used to easily identify a range of gait compensations, by analysing dynamic force distribution readouts from the WinFDM software. Accompanied by the optional video module, the walk can also be played back to the operator and the patient involved, in slow-motion if needed. This information can then be used to help form the basis of intervention strategies, which can later be used for rehabilitation of the patient. With this application in mind, the FDM System is also fully compatible with patients using walking aids.

For Research Applications

In a research setting, the FDM System can be used to compare and contrast a range of gaits in order to analyse different experimental conditions against a control. Up to three measurements can be compared to each other directly using the WinFDM software. The measuring cycle can also be repeated up to four times to average results. Measuring sequences can be seen using the “Viewer” in the software provided, and the “Report” function creates instant printable feedback on the conditions tested.

A range of accessories are also available in order to meet analytical needs, including a telemetry EMG (for recording angles of joints), and an optional video module.

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  • Robust pressure distribution measurement technology
  • Capacitive, individually calibrated sensors
  • Different sizes: PDM-XC, PDM-C, FDM-SX, S or FDM 1.5, 2 and 3
  • Different solutions and measuring speed, depending from the number of sensors
  • Intuitive modular software suite FDM with sound evaluation report
  • Can optionally be combined with video and EMG
  • Optionally available module for stance analysis
  • Can be combined with zebris SyncCam for synchronous video recording


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