Revolutionising Recovery: The All England Lawn Tennis Club Investment in CET CryoSpas

Staying ahead of the curve in terms of athlete recovery and performance enhancement is paramount world of professional sports. The All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC) recognizes this need and, as part of their commitment to providing world-class facilities. They recently collaborated with HaB Direct to install the state-of-the-art ice baths, CET CryoSpa Sport System.


The AELTC, known for hosting the prestigious Wimbledon Championships, had previously utilized CET CryoSpa Ice Bath units at another location. Seeking a more permanent solution for their redeveloped building, they turned to HaB Direct, the sole UK distributors of CET CryoSpas. The All England Lawn Tennis Club had been renting inflatable units as needed. However, they desired a long-term investment that would align with the standards of excellence they uphold.

The All England Lawn Tennis Club's centre court at Wimbledon
The All England Lawn Tennis Club’s centre court at Wimbledon

Services and Products

HaB Direct provided the AELTC with two CET CryoSpa Sport Systems. The ice baths were strategically installed in both male and female changing rooms. This move was in line with the AELTC’s commitment to offering top-notch facilities to athletes. Therefore ensuring that recovery and performance optimization are seamlessly integrated into their routine.

People Involved

The collaboration between HaB Direct and the AELTC was facilitated by the expertise of Jack Elliott and Pete Brown. The HaB team, experienced in handling complex installations, provided a quote based on the site manager’s observations. Their dedication to delivering quality solutions was evident in the positive feedback from the site manager:

“We’re very pleased that another well-known existing customer is reinvesting in the CryoSpa solutions. The new CryoSpa Sport units will add to the impressive facilities already on show at the AELTC.”

Why HaB Direct?

The decision to choose HaB Direct for the installation of the CET CryoSpa Sport System. The decision was rooted in HaB’s reputation for excellence and their status as the sole UK distributors of CET CryoSpas. The AELTC, having experienced the benefits of CET CryoSpa units at another site. Also trusting HaB Direct to provide a permanent solution that would align with their commitment to providing cutting-edge facilities.

The Benefits of CryoSpa Recovery for Tennis Players

Ice baths, a cornerstone of cryotherapy, offer a multitude of benefits for tennis players. The submersion in cold water helps alleviate muscle soreness and inflammation, providing a natural and effective way to accelerate the recovery process. By constricting blood vessels and reducing metabolic activity, ice baths contribute to the flushing out of waste products, aiding in the prevention of muscle fatigue and potential injuries.

For tennis players, who often engage in repetitive and high-impact movements, the cryotherapy provided by the CET CryoSpa Sport Systems becomes an invaluable tool in promoting faster recovery, allowing them to consistently perform at their best on the court. As the AELTC embraces this innovative recovery solution, the synergy between cutting-edge technology and athlete well-being becomes increasingly evident, setting a new standard for excellence in tennis facilities.


As the AELTC continues to uphold its legacy of excellence in the world of tennis, the addition of the CET CryoSpa Sport System from HaB Direct further solidifies their dedication to athlete well-being and performance optimization. The collaboration between these two entities showcases how cutting-edge technology and a commitment to quality can come together to elevate the standards of sports facilities, further ensuring that athletes at the AELTC have access to the best in recovery and performance enhancement.


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