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Leeds Beckett University is home to more than 28,000 students from almost 100 countries around the world. Their Carnegie School of Sport is one of the largest providers of sport in UK higher education. It brings together highly specialist teaching and research laboratories.

HaB Direct products installed at Carnegie School of Sport

Leeds Beckett University

Over the past couple of years, HaB Direct have been working very closely with Leeds Beckett University, assisting with equipment requirements for their new Carnegie School of Sport Building. During this time, our team arranged site visits and carefully planned the detail of each installation. Following the planning phase, they were ready to deliver and install machines, namely from brands such as h/p/cosmosEKF Diagnostics and CryoSpa. Then team completed the service by delivering product training to the Leeds Beckett University staff.

Our team did an excellent job and achieved outstanding results even during the COVID-19 outbreak and national lockdown. 

The first of a new generation of treadmill

Our team overcame many obstacles and successfully delivered, and installed the first Gaitway 3-D (GW3D) treadmill in the UK. GW3D is a new and improved version of its predecessor, the original h/p/cosmos Gaitway.

HaB Truck carrying h/p/cosmos Treadmills

Such a highly technical installation requires a huge amount of planning. This not only involves our very own HaB Direct Technical Specialists, but also h/p/cosmos & Arsalis, our manufacturing and supply partners. Furthermore, this type of installation requires additional specialist tools that we don’t usually use during a regular treadmill installation.

Due to the nature of this robust treadmill (GW3D), securing it into the concrete is essential. By bolting it down, it provides a rigid base and minimises noise interference which can occur through soundwaves/vibration. It is imperative to do this as the load cells within the treadmill are very sensitive and aim to measure/collect highly accurate 3-Dimensional force data.

The main challenge our team had was to drill through a flexible floor whilst avoiding metal stilts underneath the surface. As a result, our team had to design a special rod/anchor mechanism. Drilling this down through the floor and into the concrete gave it the stability and security it needed.

This solution allows movement of the treadmill around the lab, offering versatility without compromising on data quality. Subsequently, our product specialists then went through an arduous calibration process in each measurement location. After that, they were then able to deliver product training and hand it over to a very happy customer.

Going above and beyond

Addition planning, special care and supervision went into this installation, due to COVID-19 travel and work restrictions.

About Carnegie School of Sport

This new, state-of-the-art building at the Headingley Campus is the new home for the Carnegie School of Sport. It not only provides a focus for the School’s programmes, but also as a hub for elite athletes, sports and industry partners.

Facilities at the school of sport include new dedicated research laboratories. It is in these laboratories that we recently installed new equipment, ensuring that the university continues to attract the best and most talented students and staff.

Carnegie School of Sport building face


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Dive into this video featuring pro triathlete Ruth Astle performing run and efficiency zone tests at Leeds Beckett University Carnegie sports labs. Witness first-hand how cutting-edge technology enhances athletic performance and scientific research.

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