Diabetes Care

Diabetes is a chronic disease affecting around 422 million people worldwide. Indications of diabetes are an increase in levels of blood glucose which can lead to damage of the blood vessels and heart, leading to problems with the nerves, kidneys and eyes. But 100 years ago in the 20th Century, a medical breakthrough made the discovery of insulin for type 1 diabetes. Now, there are tried-and-tested professional diagnostics tools that help to improve patients’ diabetes care.

Diabetes Care By EKF Diagnostics

EKF Diagnostics at HaB Direct provide easy-to-use technology for the analysis of diabetes and HbA1c testing. Test results from these analysers are calibrated and controlled using European Reference Laboratory supplied materials. Importantly, EKF Diagnostics follows the IFCC and NGSP recommendations, ensuring that their instruments and reagents are traceable and accurately align to the reference method.

The use of these glucose analysers will help to improve the healthcare of a pre-diabetic and diabetic patient. By measuring the level of glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) in the blood, a clinician is able to determine average levels of blood glucose for the previous 6-8 weeks.

EKF Diabetes Diagnostic Tools

The Quo-Lab and Quo-Test point-of-care analysers deliver results of HbA1c blood glucose levels in a matter of minutes. Point-of-care testing is extremely valuable in the delivery of diabetes care.

Quo-Lab Semi-Automatic HbA1c Testing

The Quo-Lab HbA1c semi-automated desktop analyser measures glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c). The analyser displays step-by-step instructions on how to use it, reducing chance of error by training staff as they go.

It specifically meets the requirements of diabetes clinics and provides lab-accurate results within just 4-minutes from a blood sample of just 4 μl. Furthermore, the analyser is able to store over 7,000 results. Find out more about this diabetes care analyser here.

Quo-Test Fully-Automatic HbA1c Testing

This is a fully-automated desktop point-of-care analyser for the measuring, monitoring and management of diabetes. And, like the Quo-Lab, it uses patented boronate affinity fluorescence quenching technology. This measures glycated hemoglobin from a 4 μl blood sample in just four minutes. Also like the Quo-Lab, the Quo-Test stores a minimum of 7,000 results. You can find out more about this point-of-care diabetes analyser here.

Biosen C-Line Glucose Analyser

This line of EKF Diagnostics analysers is considered to be the gold standard in glucose and lactate testing. In fact, the Biosen C-Line is able to test blood, plasma or serum to provide glucose values. It does this with the upmost precision (less than 2% CV) over a wide measurement range. Furthermore, the interface enables it to be connected to lab information systems. Finally, thanks to the special chip sensor technology, it will deliver highly accurate, fast measurements at a low cost per test. You can read more about the Biosen C-Line here.

Bodystat Multiscan 5000 For Diabetes Care

This Bioelectrical Impedance Spectroscopy (BIS) device will offer motivational feedback to diabetic patients. It calculates body composition and hydrational values using Cole-Cole analysis. The 50 frequencies that the Bodystat MultiScan 5000 measures are what produce the Cole-Cole plot.

By sharing improvements in their health, fat-free mass, fat mass and fluid balances, diabetes patients will feel motivated. It will also help clinicians to formulate custom-made sustainable dietary and fitness plans as part of the patient’s diabetes care. The Bodystat Multiscan 5000 is available here at HaB Direct.

World Diabetes Day

Celebrating the breakthroughs in diabetes care that researchers discover, the world takes part in an annual World Diabetes Day. And, in 2021, this means marking 100 years since the discovery of insulin.

Shop Haemoglobin and Hematocrit Analysers

We supply a range of haemoglobin and hematocrit analysers from EKF Diagnostics, including all the accessories. Our experts can advise you on the best diabetes care analyser for your needs, contact us today.

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