Ergometer for Training & Testing

Monark Exercise develop precision products for use in the sport and medical profession. They are world leaders in training and test equipment and have been since the early 1900s when they first began manufacturing.

Ergometer for training and testing

Monark Exercise develop and manufacture cycle ergometers with superior accuracy and precision. As a result, you will find them in hospitals and health care facilities. Furthermore, their durability and reliability make them ideal for professional sports, sports medicine institutions and research laboratories too.

Train like a professional

All Monark ergometers will withstand any amount of physical activity. This makes them the ideal solution for use in elite sports.

Elite sports not only use Monark ergometers for training, but also for maximal and sub-maximal performance tests. In fact, the Åstrand is one such test. It is a sub-maximal fitness test and a simple way of testing heart function. It is also perfect for checking the state of an individual’s physical fitness. Furthermore, the YMCA protocols and Åstrand test can easily be performed using a Monark ergometer. Consequently, schools, sports clubs, corporate fitness facilities and gyms use them.

In addition to Åstrand and YMCA protocol testing, there is also one ergometer specifically for Wingate and anaerobic tests. In fact, the ‘gold standard’ for Wingate and anaerobic tests is the Monark 894E.

Medical facilities demand accuracy

Clinicians use Monark ergometers because they are safe for prescribing a workload in rehabilitation programs and stress tests. They are also easy for a patient to use.  Furthermore, they are renowned for their accuracy and repeatability. This is due to Monark’s unique calibration method.

These medical ergometers work also with external systems, such as ECG and Spirometry. Even in conjunction with these external systems, they remain durable and uncompromisingly easy to use.

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