Crisis Manikin Adult Deluxe

Crisis Manikin Adult Deluxe


This CRiSis™ Deluxe Adult Manikin a genderless full-body manikin of a young adult with Arrhythmia Simulator.

The hand-held arrhythmia simulator includes 17 adult/paediatric rhythms, including Fib, Flutter, Asystole and V. Tach (Fast, Slow and Polymorphic).

£17,392.75 Ex VAT £14,493.96

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Adult Manikin with Arrhythmia Simulator

The simulator generates realistic 3/4 lead ECG rhythms, making it an ideal tool for anyone training in fibrillation and cardiac management.

In addition to the Arrhythmia Simulator, this CRiSis™ Deluxe Adult Manikin comes complete with:

  • Airway Management Trainer
  • IV Training Arm, where intravenous needles can be inserted into the reusable skin
  • Blood Pressure Arm
  • Intraosseous/Femoral Access Leg
  • Defibrillation Chest


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Weight 5 kg
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Can only be shipped to UK and Ireland


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