h/p/cosmos torqualizer 1200 Cycle Ergometer

h/p/cosmos torqualizer 1200 Cycle Ergometer


In addition to their world renowned high-performance and rehabilitation treadmills, h/p/cosmos also produce and supply a range of cycle ergometers. The h/p/cosmos torqualizer® 1200 cycle ergometer is a brand new development based on approved technologies in combination with very modern, innovative and ergonomic features. It links elegant design with a user friendly concept featuring an integrated Windows® 10 operation system, MCU6 and outstanding quality. The unit is available in both Sport & Fitness and Medical models variants.

Among the revolutionary features are the adjustable*, easy access, step through access onto the machine and graphical display of heart rate variability (HRV) via  Poincaré diagram.

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torqualizer 1200 Cycle Ergometer

The torqualizer 1200 cycle ergometer from h/p/cosmos, with its adjustable* low entry point and step through design for easy accessibility, make it perfect for those users with mobility issues. The optional adjustable arm crank length also provides further assistance for those users with mobility problems.

Perfect for users with mobility issues

The 10.1 inch TFT-LCD TouchScreen with inbuilt Windows 10 Operation System can even provide graphical representation of Hear rate Variability (HRV) via a Poincaré diagram.

With several interface and communications possibilities, including via Bluetooth, RFID, NFC, RS232, USB, LAN and WiFi, the torqualizer 1200 cycle ergometer is easy to connect to external devices.

Available in both Sport & Fitness and Medical model variants, the unit has an RPM-indepdent power rage of 15 – 1,200 Watts (optional) and caters for a whole host of users from patients undertaking early stages of rehabilitation, through to elite cyclists.

Additional information

Model Variants

torqualizer® med 1200, torqualizer® 1200

Shipping/Delivery Restrictions

Can only be shipped to UK and Ireland


  • Windows® 10 operation system
  • 10.1 inch TFT-LCD TouchScreen
  • Graphical and digital display of Heart Rate Variability (HRV)
  • Interface and communication via Bluetooth / RFID / NFC / R232 / USB
  • LAN / WiFi
  • Extremely silent and highly effective hybrid-brake system (HBS)
  • Power range: 15 – 1,200 Watt (optional) – RPM-independent
  • Torque-program – Torque controlled efficiency training
  • Therapist and user-friendly ergonomic concept
  • SQlab step saddle for maximum comfort and support
  • Heart rate monitoring (via 5kHz POLAR® or optional bluetooth)
  • UserTerminal turns up to 180°
  • Patient user weight up to 200 kg (optional)
  • Adjustable crank lengths (optional)
  • Speed range: 20 -120 RPM
  • Adjustable* step through


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