Multiple Casualty Simulation Kit

Multiple Casualty Simulation Kit


This highly versatile deluxe set of tools is suitable for teaching and testing higher levels of first aid skill with lifelike simulated injuries and wounds.

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anatomical models

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Kit comes with a portable, heavy-duty plastic toolbox for storage and contains:

  • Bleeding strap-on wounds
  • 1 open amputation, 1 compound tibia fracture, 1 compound humerus fracture, 1 sucking chest wound, 1 gunshot wound- 24 assorted lacerations and open fractures
  • 3 packs simulated blood powder (each makes approx. 4.5l of fake blood)
  • 1 casualty simulation wax
  • Broken plexiglas (simulates glass imbedded wound)
  • 3 spatulas
  • 3 wood tongue depressors


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Weight 5 kg
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Can only be shipped to UK and Ireland


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