HaB Direct’s Tailored Solution for Frimley Park Hospital

Frimley Park Hospital, an NHS Hospital in Camberley, Surrey, faced the challenge of replacing a damaged treadmill in their Stroke Rehabilitation Gym. The requirement was not just for any treadmill, but one compatible with their existing Biodex unweighting system. It needed to be versatile for various medical applications, and equipped with features like a wheelchair ramp and adjustable handrails. The hospital, seeking optimal solutions within their budget, turned to HaB Direct for assistance.

Frimley Park Hospital Entrance. Source: WikiCommons
Roger / Frimley Park Hospital Main Entrance / CC BY-SA 2.0 Source: geograph.org.uk

Why HaB Direct?

The Frimley Park Hospital team had specific needs, and HaB Direct offered tailored solutions at different budget levels. The collaboration aimed at providing exactly what the client needed rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. The chosen solution was the h/p/cosmos pluto med treadmill, known for its sturdiness, reliability, and ease of use. These are crucial elements in a medical setting.

The Solution:

The h/p/cosmos pluto med treadmill, integrated with wheelchair access ramps and adjustable handrails, provided Frimley Park Hospital with a versatile tool for their rehabilitation efforts. The adjustable handrails, capable of various height and lateral adjustments, enhanced patient safety and comfort. The wheelchair access ramp allowed for early utilization in the patient’s recovery process, ensuring a safer environment and expediting rehabilitation.

HaB Team’s Expertise:

HaB Direct’s team, led by Pete, demonstrated their expertise in delivering a seamless solution. Despite pandemic-related delays, the experienced delivery and installation team ensured the treadmill was set up efficiently. All while adhering to social distancing guidelines.

Stuart Jackson, Director of Sales UK & Ireland for HaB Direct, highlighted the hospital’s clear vision as a key factor in providing the best solution. He emphasized that despite delays in procurement due to the global pandemic, the installation process was smooth and aligned with government guidelines.

Client Satisfaction:

The success of the project lies in the seamless collaboration between Frimley Park Hospital and HaB Direct. All resulting in a well-matched solution for their rehabilitation needs.


The Frimley Park Hospital case exemplifies how collaboration with HaB Direct can lead to tailored solutions that meet specific client requirements. The successful integration of the h/p/cosmos pluto med treadmill into the Stroke Rehabilitation Gym reflects HaB Direct’s commitment to providing high-quality, client-focused solutions in the healthcare sector. As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, such collaborations become crucial in enhancing patient care and rehabilitation processes.

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