Increasing Sport Science Capabilities: New h/p/cosmos Pulsar 3P at University of Westminster

In late May, the HaB Direct team successfully completed the installation of an h/p/cosmos Pulsar 3P treadmill at the University of Westminster. Adding to their existing suite of exercise testing equipment. This installation further strengthens our ongoing partnership with the University, enhancing their Sport Nutrition lab’s capabilities.

Meeting the Needs of University of Westminster

The University of Westminster is a highly esteemed institution and a long-standing client, utilising h/p/cosmos Quasar and Pulsar 3P treadmills for over 20 years. The university employ these treadmill ergometers for various research and educational purposes. With their increasing demand for comprehensive exercise testing and health screening, the University are seeking to expand their facility with an additional treadmill.

The location presents a unique challenge due to its location on the 4th floor of their main Sport Nutrition lab. Moreover, it has limited access points and a small lift. Despite these obstacles, the HaB Direct team was determined to ensure a smooth and successful installation.

Overcoming Installation Challenges

The HaB direct team take the disassembled treadmill up stairs at the university of westminster
The HaB direct team prepare to take disassembled treadmill upstairs

The installation saw meticulous planning and execution by our dedicated team. The team was led by chief engineer Pete Brown, alongside Jack Elliott, Stuart Jackson, and Anthony Franklin. The day before the installation, the treadmill was carefully disassembled to facilitate an easier transfer through the building to the lab.

Given the constraints of the small lift, our team demonstrated exceptional teamwork and commitment by carrying the treadmill up eight flights of stairs. This formidable task was handled with the utmost care and precision to ensure the equipment’s integrity and the safety of the team.

Jack Elliot reflected on the installation, stating,

“Brilliant team effort – Pete led the team and ensured that the job was completed safely and successfully.”

Why the h/p/cosmos Pulsar 3P?

The University of Westminster chose the h/p/cosmos Pulsar 3P due to its proven reliability and advanced features. These are crucial for their rigorous exercise testing and health screening protocols. Having had positive experiences with their existing Pulsar 3P, the decision to add another to their facility was straightforward. The HaB Direct team was able to recommend and implement this solution seamlessly. All thanks to our extensive expertise and understanding of the University’s specific needs.

Enhancing Research and Learning

With the addition of the new h/p/cosmos Pulsar 3P, the University of Westminster now boasts three state-of-the-art treadmills. This expansion significantly enhances their ability to conduct simultaneous research projects, thereby increasing the efficiency of their operations. More students can now access these high-quality machines. Thus, enriching their learning experience and allowing for more comprehensive data collection and analysis.

The impact of this installation extends beyond immediate operational benefits; it fosters an environment where cutting-edge research and high-level education can thrive. By choosing HaB Direct, the University of Westminster continues to invest in top-tier equipment and unparalleled service, ensuring their labs remain at the forefront of sport nutrition and exercise science.

Looking Ahead

We at HaB Direct are proud of our ongoing relationship with the University of Westminster and are committed to supporting their mission of excellence in education and research. The successful installation of the h/p/cosmos Pulsar 3P is a testament to our team’s dedication and expertise. We look forward to future collaborations and continuing to provide innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of our clients.

Expanding Our Track Record with h/p/cosmos Installations

Our successful collaboration with the University of Westminster is one of many examples showcasing the impact of h/p/cosmos treadmills. For instance, Newcastle University has enhanced their Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing with our equipment. Meanwhile New College Durham has integrated the h/p/cosmos Pulsar 3P into their AEP & Podiatry programmes. The Carnegie School of Sport’s “Project of the Year” also featured our treadmills, underscoring their excellence in sports science. Additionally, Swansea University’s Sport and Exercise Sciences, ranked in the top 10 in the UK, have benefited from our cutting-edge solutions. Furthermore, Liverpool John Moores University has invested in h/p/cosmos equipment for their world-class facility, demonstrating the widespread trust and reliance on HaB Direct. Each of these case studies reflects our commitment to advancing research and education through top-tier exercise testing equipment.

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