Noraxon MyoSync Master Sync Station

Noraxon MyoSync Master Sync Station

SKU: NX262

The Noraxon myoSYNC Station allows users to synchronize real-time data from up to 5 different recording devices.

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Master sync station

The Noraxon MyoSync is a versatile synchronisation system that can be used with various Noraxon systems as well as video. This special sync device is for use with a multi-device Noraxon setup and the Noraxon MyoResearch software to synchronise all signals received by the software.

The MyoSync utilises both wireless and cable connections to send a sync signal to the connected devices. The MyoSync has a wireless sync transmitter (262A) option that you can purchase separately. This option will enable a wireless sync signal to be sent to a wireless sync receiver connected to the Noraxon device. Without the wireless sync transmitter, the MyoSync sends a sync pulse solely via sync cables.

All connections to the MyoSync are stereo connections while the other end of the sync cable will vary depending between systems. The MyoSync receives its signal from one of two sources: PC or external. When connected to the PC via USB, the Myosync can use this connection to generate a sync source, or it can receive a sync pulse from an external device that generates the sync signal.

Intended use

The MyoSync is intended to send out a sync pulse to all connected systems. This sync pulse can then synchronise the various signals from multiple systems. In combination with the MyoResearch software, the synchronisation of these signals is done automatically and signals display in synchronisation. The only exception to this is some video cameras which have to be manually synchronised. This option is only available with the MyoVideo software module.


  • Dimensions: (L x W x H) 13.99cm x 5.12cm x 2.03cm (5.51″ x 2.02″ x 0.8″)
  • Weight: 99.2g (3.5oz)


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