Noraxon Ultium Motion Upper Body Strap Set

Noraxon Ultium Motion Upper Body Strap Set


The Noraxon Ultium Motion Upper Body Strap Set is an accessory for the  Noraxon Ultium Motion 3D Motion Capture/IMU System and comes with 17 straps for use on the upper body.

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Lower Body Strap set for Motion Analysis

These straps and accessories are designed for use with the Noraxon Ultium Motion sensors only and do not fit any Noraxon legacy 3D motion capture sensors.

The set includes 17 Ultium Motion Straps for upper body applications:

  • 2 Small Straps
  • 2 Medium Straps
  • 2 Large Straps
  • 1 Extra Large Strap
  • 2 Pelvis/Torso Straps
  • 3 Pelvis/Torso Adapter
  • 2 Small Hand Straps
  • 2 Medium Hand Straps
  • 2 Large Hand Straps


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