Noraxon Ultium EMG System: Enhancing Biomechanics Research at University of Liverpool

In the dynamic realm of biomechanics and musculoskeletal science, innovative technology plays a crucial role in advancing research. Dr. Kris d’Aout, Senior Lecturer of Musculoskeletal & Aging Science at the University of Liverpool, approached HaB Direct to enhance his research capabilities.

Identifying the Need

In January 2023, Dr. d’Aout sought to integrate an Electromyography (EMG) system into his research. His objective was clear – to enhance his research capabilities by incorporating sophisticated EMG technology into his toolkit.

The Consultation Process

Understanding the unique requirements of Dr. d’Aout’s research was vital. Tom Cowell, HaB’s Technical Sales Executive for the North of the UK and Ireland, initiated an initial consultation via Skype. This step was instrumental in grasping the specifics of Dr. d’Aout’s work and how the Noraxon Ultium EMG system could best contribute to his research endeavours.

Tailoring the Solution

After thorough discussions, Tom curated a package tailored to his needs. The solution consisted of a comprehensive Noraxon Ultium EMG system equipped with 16 EMG sensors. To complement this, smart leads such as accelerometers, goniometers, bio monitors, fine wire adaptors, and foot switches were also included. This array of tools not only met Dr. d’Aout’s current needs but also future-proofed his research capabilities. Dr. d’Aout’s successful funding pursuit from the research council in late 2023 led to the purchase of the equipment in early 2024.

The Excellence of Noraxon Ultium EMG for Research

Noraxon’s Ultium EMG system is an exceptional tool for research in biomechanics, sports science, ergonomics and rehabilitation due to its high precision and accuracy. This system excels in capturing detailed neuromuscular activities, providing researchers with invaluable insights into muscle function and coordination. Its versatility is another key strength, as it seamlessly integrates with other biomechanical tools like motion capture systems, instrumented treadmills and force plates. This integration enables comprehensive studies that combine EMG data with kinematic and kinetic analysis for a more comprehensive understanding of human movement.

The Ultium EMG system is also notable for its customisation options and user-friendly interface. Researchers can choose from a variety of sensors to suit their specific study requirements, and its scalability allows for adaptation to the evolving needs of complex research projects. The robust software package simplifies experimental setup and enhances data analysis, while the system’s durability ensures reliable, long-term data collection. These features collectively establish the Ultium EMG system as a superior choice for advancing research in human movement and neuromuscular function.

Furthermore, Noraxon provides a FREE Academic licence that allows users of Noraxon’s MR3 Software (see images below) to access a 6-month analysis-only version of the software. This is particularly beneficial for students (or researchers) who can gather data in the lab but have periods of time away from the lab to focus on their education, practice techniques, or process data.

Demonstration of MR3 Software with Ultium EMG system, woman shown jumping
Ultium EMG system tracking woman running

HaB Team’s Reflections

Our team at HaB found this project particularly enlightening. Tom states, “It was a really interesting project to be a part of. Kris is extremely knowledgeable in the field of biomechanics and musculoskeletal science. The Noraxon package will add to his research capability over the coming years.”

Watch the video about EMG Biofeedback Training with Noraxon can improve patient learning and awareness of proper muscle contraction, speed up progression, and improve motivation for patients to continue exercises as they observe measurable improvements.

Current Status and Future Outlook

Dr. d’Aout has received the Noraxon Ultium EMG system and is currently acquainting himself with its software and hardware. The next few months are crucial as he starts incorporating the EMG system into his research. We eagerly await updates on how this advanced technology impacts his studies and contributes to the field of biomechanics.


This collaboration underscores the importance of tailored technological solutions in advancing scientific research. By closely working with researchers like Dr. Kris d’Aout and understanding their unique needs, we can provide tools that not only fulfil their immediate research requirements but also pave the way for future discoveries in the field of biomechanics and beyond.

To learn more about the wide range of biomechanical assessment equipment provided by HaB Direct, view our Biomechanics category. Alternatively, you can contact us directly and speak with Tom or another one of our experts via email or phone us on +44 (0)1926 816100.


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