HaB Direct Enhances University of Birmingham Facilities

In a recent development, HaB Direct had the pleasure of enhancing the University of Birmingham‘s refurbished School of Sport, Exercise, and Rehabilitation building with a state-of-the-art h/p/cosmos quasar med treadmill. This marks the second h/p/cosmos treadmill installation in the university within 12 months, following the successful placement of the h/p/cosmos Locomotion treadmill in January 2023. It also adds to the five previous treadmill installations at the university.

University of Birmingham campus

Meeting Evolving Educational Needs

The University’s original space, primarily dedicated to psychology, has now been transformed into a multi-disciplinary hub. It houses purpose-built facilities to support an array of courses, including physiotherapy, sport and exercise science, and psychology. With courses set to commence in March 2024, the addition of the new equipment is timely.

The Versatile Solution: h/p/cosmos Quasar with Therapy Arms

Understanding the need for a more versatile treadmill, HaB Direct identified the h/p/cosmos Quasar med with adjustable therapy arms as the ideal solution for the University of Birmingham. Its slightly wider running bed caters to a variety of practices and it is a perfect fit for the diverse range of courses offered at the university. Moreover, the adjustable handrails provide essential support for users who need it, ensuring safety and comfort during use.

Enhancing Student and Research Opportunities

The addition of the new treadmill significantly enhances the lab’s capacity. Allowing more students and research projects to utilise the facility. This expansion not only benefits current programs but also opens doors for future research and educational opportunities at the University of Birmingham.

Overcoming Installation Challenges

Despite the presence of a lift, the installation of the treadmill presented its own set of challenges. However, the HaB Direct team, led by Jack Elliot, demonstrated exceptional skill and teamwork to ensure a smooth and successful installation. In Jack’s words, “Great team effort from HaB to install another h/p/cosmos into the University of Birmingham. The project was yet again completed successfully by the HaB team.”

The h/p/cosmos quasar med installed at University of Birmingham

A Step Forward in Educational Excellence

This installation is a testament to HaB Direct’s commitment to providing top-notch equipment and services. The University of Birmingham’s upgraded facility is set to become a cornerstone for students and researchers. Especially in the fields of psychology, physiotherapy, and sports science.

Stay tuned for more updates on how HaB Direct continues to contribute to the advancement of educational and research facilities across various institutions.

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