Modern Rehabilitation: Oxford University Hospital installs h/p/cosmos Locomotion and Airwalk AP

The Oxford University Hospital (OUH) Centre for Enablement is a renowned facility dedicated to aiding patients recovering from strokes and major trauma. As part of their ongoing efforts to provide top-notch care, they sought to replace an outdated treadmill with a state-of-the-art solution tailored to their specific rehabilitation needs.

OUH approached HaB Direct specifically because we distribute h/p/cosmos treadmill ergometers, which are incomparable in quality and innovation. With their budget allowing for a high-specification unit, the decision was to acquire the h/p/cosmos Locomotion ergometer. This machine has an Airwalk AP system. This choice was driven by the need for precise, patient-specific rehabilitation capabilities that their old equipment could not provide.

The Solution

The h/p/cosmos Locomotion 150/50 treadmill pairs with the Airwalk AP unweighting system bespoke unit is suitable for rehabilitation. Featuring a unique capability to start at an incremental speed of just 0.1 km/h. This precision was a key factor for the physiotherapy team, allowing for highly controlled rehabilitation sessions.

Airwalk AP

The Airwalk AP system is particularly beneficial for patients who need to rebuild strength gradually. By unweighting the patient, the system allows them to exercise at only a fraction of their body weight. Thereby reducing strain and the risk of injury while promoting gradual strength gain.

In addition to the Airwalk AP system, the Locomotion ergometer was fitted with the Robowalk system, therapy seats, and adjustable and extendable handrails to allow easy access even for wheelchair users.

Therapy seats

The therapy seats adjoining the Locomotion treadmill enhance the safety and comfort of practitioners during rehabilitation sessions. These seats allow therapists to sit securely by the side of the treadmill. Enabling them to perform manual manipulation of patients when needed. This feature is particularly valuable for hands-on interventions. Thus, ensuring that practitioners can provide precise, effective support while maintaining a comfortable and ergonomic working position. This choice is due to the need for precise, patient-specific rehabilitation capabilities that their old equipment could not provide.

Robowalk System

The Robowalk system is an advanced rehabilitation tool integrated into the h/p/cosmos Locomotion ergometer to enhance patient therapy outcomes. Designed to support patients with severe mobility impairments, the Robowalk system utilises robotic-assisted gait training. Helping patients regain their walking abilities through repetitive, controlled movements. This system is particularly beneficial for stroke and major trauma patients. It promotes neuroplasticity and muscle memory by providing consistent, precise guidance during walking exercises. The Robowalk system’s ability to adjust to the individual needs of each patient makes it an invaluable addition to the rehabilitation process, ensuring that therapy is both effective and tailored to each patient’s specific condition.


In late April, the implementation was spearheaded by Jack Elliott and Pete Brown, leading the coordination of the delivery and installation of the equipment. The first-floor Physiotherapy room’s accessible lift facilitated a smooth transition. With Pete leading the team, the installation was completed safely and efficiently.

Delivery of the Locomotion treadmill ergometer to Oxford University Hospital

Jack Elliott observed,

“It’s great to see another Locomotion treadmill being installed into such a great facility. The physio team at OUH were fantastic to work with and I hope the system makes it a little easier for them to carry out their rehabilitation practices.”


The impact of the new equipment on OUH’s rehabilitation practices has been significant. The practitioner-friendly design, complete with therapist seats and footstools, has enhanced the comfort and efficiency of the physiotherapy team. Additionally, this setup allows therapists and nurses to perform gait manipulation and other rehabilitation techniques with greater ease. These features ultimately improve patient outcomes.

The advanced features of the Locomotion treadmill and the supportive Airwalk AP system have not only saved time but also optimised the rehabilitation process, contributing to better patient recovery rates. The investment in this equipment underscores OUH’s commitment to providing the best possible care and ensuring that their patients receive the most effective rehabilitation available.


The successful installation of the h/p/cosmos Locomotion 150/50 treadmill and Airwalk AP at Oxford University Hospital Centre for Enablement highlights the transformative power of innovative rehabilitation equipment. By partnering with HaB Direct, OUH has taken a significant step forward in enhancing their rehabilitation services, providing their patients with the tools they need for a faster and more effective recovery.

h/p/cosmos locomotion: Tried and Trusted

The Locomotion treadmill’s reputation for excellence in rehabilitation extends beyond Oxford University Hospital, with notable installations at Great Western Hospital and also the University of Birmingham. At Great Western Hospital, the Locomotion treadmill plays a critical role in their comprehensive rehabilitation programme, aiding patients recovering from severe injuries and neurological conditions. Similarly, the University of Birmingham integrates the Locomotion treadmill into its advanced physiotherapy and sports science curriculum, providing students and researchers with cutting-edge equipment to support both clinical practice and innovative research. These institutions’ adoption of the Locomotion treadmill underscores its effectiveness and versatility in various therapeutic and educational settings, highlighting its status as a premier choice for advanced rehabilitation solutions.

At HaB Direct, we take pride in our extensive portfolio of successful h/p/cosmos treadmill installations across various prestigious institutions. Our case studies showcase the transformative impact of the equipment on patient recovery and rehabilitation processes, therefore highlighting the bespoke solutions we provide to meet each client’s unique needs.

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