Successful Installation of h/p/cosmos Locomotion Rehabilitation Treadmill at Great Western Hospital

The Great Western Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in Swindon sought a specialised solution for their stroke rehabilitation gym. The Hospital is known for its commitment to high-quality patient care. Following a successful installation of an h/p/cosmos treadmill at Frimley Park Hospital in Guildford, the physiotherapy team at Great Western Hospital was keen to implement a similar system. However, their requirements were more specific. They needed a high-functioning rehabilitation treadmill and also an unweighting system to safely support stroke patients in their recovery journey.


Faced with COVID-19 restrictions, HaB Direct engaged with the hospital team through video calls and phone conversations. We presented a range of solutions, offering and range of “Good, Better, and Best” tailored to their needs. After thorough discussions, the team at Great Western Hospital determined that the h/p/cosmos locomotion treadmill was ideal for their rehabilitation goals. They also concluded that the Airwalk AP would be the perfect complement to this solution.

Despite their enthusiasm, the hospital faced a significant challenge: budget constraints. For 16 months, the team diligently pursued fundraising and charitable donations to secure the necessary funds. Their perseverance paid off, and they finally obtained the budget to proceed with the purchase.

Solution: h/p/cosmos Locomotion Rehabilitation Treadmill

The h/p/cosmos locomotion rehabilitation treadmill and Airwalk AP provide an exceptional combination of functionality and safety. It caters to both patients and practitioners:

  • Smooth and Controlled Speed: The treadmill starts at a smooth 0.5 km/hour, adjustable down to 0.1 km/hour. Thus ensuring patients are not jolted by sudden movements.
  • Customisable Handrails: Adjustable gas-sprung handrails tailor to each patient’s needs, enhancing stability and comfort.
  • Practitioner Seating: Unique practitioner seats on either side of the treadmill allow for ergonomic positioning. Aiding in the manipulation of patients’ feet and legs.
  • High-Capacity Unweighting System: The Airwalk AP can unweight patients by 80 kg, with an option to upgrade to 120 kg, facilitating earlier use in rehabilitation.
  • Accessibility: A rear ramp accommodates wheelchair users, enabling safe transfer onto the treadmill and into the unweighting system.

This combination of features makes the h/p/cosmos locomotion treadmill and Airwalk AP an unparalleled solution for stroke rehabilitation. Helping in supporting patients as they regain mobility and confidence.

Team Effort and Observations

Stuart Jackson and Pete Brown led the HaB team, ensuring the installation was completed safely and efficiently. Their dedication and expertise were instrumental in the successful implementation of this project.

“Working with the team at Great Western Hospital was a pleasure. They knew what they wanted to achieve and were receptive to having open discussions about which solution would be best to achieve these goals. The biggest challenge for the hospital was to acquire the budget to make the purchase. However, through their continued perseverance, they were able to be granted the budget through charitable donations and proceeded with the purchase. I am so glad to see the h/p/cosmos locomotion treadmill and Airwalk AP system in their gym. I know it will benefit all those patients the team at Great Western Hospital decide to use it with.” – Pete Brown, HaB International Ltd.

h/p/cosmos rehabilitation treadmill

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The installation of the h/p/cosmos locomotion treadmill and Airwalk AP at the Great Western Hospital marks a significant milestone in their stroke rehabilitation capabilities. This advanced equipment will play a crucial role in helping patients recover and regain their independence. We are proud to support the Great Western Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in their mission to provide top-notch healthcare services.

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